Kitsune Games confirmed this week that the dungeon-crawling roguelike game, MidBoss will launch later this month on Steam and itch.io for Windows, Mac, and Linus.

In MidBoss, players take the role of an imp, the weakest monster in the dungeon. The imp is tired of being picked on by other monsters and decides to go on a quest reach the dungeon’s deepest levels, defeat the boss and take its place as the top dog. The dungeon is full of various terrors, and players get their own sidekick, Mid, who will keep you company.

Players will be able to possess the body of all the enemies they kill and use their powers to continue their journey through the dungeon. Players can then gain experience in order to level up their imp monster’s base stats and get some power boosts. Players will be able to master these powers and equip them to their basic imp to get some more powers. The game has a huge variety of enemies and powers to choose from.

The game also features a procedurally generated dungeon that is littered with monsters, traps, potions, and treasures. Players can loot gear and items to enhance their stats. However, they will have to be careful not to loot cursed items that will hurt them later on.

MidBoss will be available on Steam and itch.io for PC, Mac and Linux on May 25. It will be priced at $14.99. The Windows Store version will be available later on. You can also check out one of the earlier gameplay trailers to get a feel for the gameplay.

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