Recently Ridley Scott crushed director Neill Blomkamp’s dreams of making an Alien sequel into the dust. What was the man to do but carry onward? He announced a new project today, and it’s quite different for him: a series of mini-movies being created exclusively for the Steam platform. That’s right, the online marketplace traditionally known for video games. You can buy a few indie films and documentaries there, but never anything on this scale before.

Blompkamp released a trailer for the first of several shorts he has in the works. There is no title, but it mentions a production company called “Oat Studios.”

We suspect that some of the ideas Blomkamp wanted to use in Alien 5 were recycled for this project. What gives us that idea? Well, that’s really Sigourney Weaver at the forty second mark. We also see a military soldier who bears a strong resemblance to Hicks, and does the little girl in the thumbnail resemble Newt to you?

Another thing the trailer doesn’t reveal is when these film-ettes are supposed to come out. We’ll let you know when that bit of info is released.

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