Netflix has released a new Stranger Things-related video. As far as trailers go, it’s impossible to beat the Vincent Price Thriller narration from what came out during Comic-Con. That’s why this latest video from Netflix is more of a recap than a trailer.

What the heck, we like it anyway. It’s certainly one of the more creative attempts at keeping the citizens of Hawkins in public memory, re-editing the events of Season One in familiar video game form — familiar, that is, to those who’ve played the NES and similar consoles you couldn’t actually buy when this show took place. If they wished to be truly period-accurate we’d have some blocky Colecovision graphics up in here, but you couldn’t do quite as much with that.

No doubt stranger-er things will happen once Season Two appears ’round Halloween, so watch for it on Netflix….starring Will Byers, the cop with the mustache, the kid with the weird lips, and everyone’s favorite walking telekinetic Eggo commercial.

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