Today Netflix released the second full-length trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Punisher series. Unlike the first, it confirms when we’ll get to see it — next month.

Originally, we were to know the release date for the Punisher series during New York Comic-Con, but given certain events that took place right before the con, Marvel did not deem it appropriate to discuss the series or even hold a panel at all. As of today, we have a new trailer and a release date, but we suspect this isn’t the one we would have gotten at NYCC.

Note how sparse the gunplay is in the new Punisher trailer — instead, the video delves into Frank Castle’s tragic past and makes an attempt at humanizing him. The previous Punisher trailers have all aped Rambo in their glorification of gritty violence — not so much here.

As of yet, we haven’t heard of any cuts being made to the Punisher series itself. It’s still on track to be Netflix’s darkest Marvel series, with an antihero devoted to vigiliantism. Those aspects of Castle’s personality are impossible to edit out. But the critics are no doubt going to have real gun violence in mind when they review this thing. We’ll see what the real show is like.

Marvel’s The Punisher premieres November 17 on Netflix.

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