Here’s new details along with images on Skyrim upcoming DLC, Dawnguard.

  • “Story of dawnguard involves the return of a vampire lord named Harkon,who seeks to put stop to his greatest enemy: The sun.”
  • You choose sides:fight alongside the dawnguard(vamp hunters) or join harkon,”alot of unique content depending on which side you choose”
  • Two new homes,one for each side of the conflict.
  • If you choose to side with harkon you can become a ‘Vampire Lord’,grants you new powers,players can exit vampire lord form at will.
  • Vampire lords & werewolves now have their own perk tree.
  • Legendary dragons are new high level beasts,Gargoyles,death hounds and armored trolls.
  • Crossbows being added
  • Some quests will take you into the oblivion realm,specifically ‘the soul cairn’ the realm of trapped souls 
  • You can change your face/gender via a character in riften’s ratway.
  • New shouts like ‘soul tear’,where you steal the soul of a dead enemy and use it as a minion.
  • Some parts of Dawnguard will take place in the Oblivion realm.

Image of the Gargoyles:

Image of the perk tree:

The soul cairn oblivion realm in Dawnguard:



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