Before Warner Bros. released the latest Tomb Raider trailer, we had reason to suspect the new movie was based on Square Enix’s 2013 reboot game. Now that we’ve seen the trailer….yup, that certainly appears to be the case.

There was reason to doubt it before. Trailer #1 did some fancy editing to preserve the image of the cool line-quipping Lara Croft everyone is familiar with. This cut of the film definitely implies we’re dealing with a young, inexperienced Lara (just like in the game) who’s chasing a mystery uncovered by her dead father (just like in the game) and the search takes her to a mysterious island where she winds up marooned (just like in the game) and she plummets into a river and smacks her body against a large log (you get the idea).

So sure enough, she discovers a sinister army is trying to locate some kind of ancient tomb so they can raid the item inside and cause “global genocide.” If there’s any tombs to be raided around here, SHE’LL do the job, thank you very much.

Also, Lara is riding around on a bike in the opening scenes because her uncle currently holds control over the family trust. This is one revision of the movie we disagree with. Lara can be inexperienced, injury-prone, show emotion, and use a bow instead of two pistols, fine….but she HAS to be rich, dangit.

Alicia Vikander stars in the latest Tomb Raider, out March 16.

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