At the end of last nights episode of Arrow, John Diggle, who has been going by the name Spartan in the shows team, was asked by Oliver Queen to become the new, permanent Green Arrow. While this would make sense any other season, it’s not so simple with Season 06. For the fallout of Prometheus’ destruction of Lian Yu left Diggle injured, like SERIOUSLY injured. And he was about to tell Oliver of this injury when he was asked to do it. Yet he accepted anyway.

This is also a problem because Dinah Drake, who is Black Canary on Team Arrow, knows about the injury, and has been pushing him to reveal it to Oliver. So, how will she react when she finds out about the deal? Well, actress Juliana Harkavy talked about it with Comic Book Resources, and said:

“Well, I think she’s going to do her best to honor Diggle’s privacy, but also, it’s very concerning to her, because it could put the team at risk if he’s compromised. So I think she’s going to do what she can to sort of keep it, monitor it and see how it goes, but ultimately her loyalty is to the team. You know, she doesn’t want anyone’s life to potentially be lost because someone’s hurt, so she’s letting it go for now but I think she will definitely readjust if she needs to.”

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