In the fifth generation of video game consoles, Sony dominated everything with the Playstation 2. In the sixth generation, Microsoft took the lead with the XBox 360 (despite its malfunctioning problems). Now in the seventh gen Sony has taken the lead again with the PS4. There’s a high likelihood a lot of former 360 gamers are using PS4 controllers now, but prefer the layout and shape of the XBox controller.

Hori will soon come to their rescue with the Onyx, a third-party Playstation 4 controller that’s shaped like an XBox One controller. The first control stick is on the top now, and the crosspad is on the bottom. The shoulder buttons are also more like the XBox’s.

Not everything translated over. For one thing, the Onyx doesn’t have the light bar that luminates from the Dualshock 4, though if you ask me there is no point to that light beyond Rule of Cool and it wastes battery life. A bigger dealbreaker for some people might be the lack of a headphone jack or built-in speaker. Exactly why those elements were left out is unknown.

Currently, the Hori Onyx PS4 controller has only been announced for Europe, but we wouldn’t be surprised if a North American release is soon to follow. If not, you can always import the European model. The Onyx comes out January 15.

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