Warren Spector (Junction Point) has given some insight into just how epic his ‘epic’ new title is…

“… I’m trying to figure out what the future holds, I’m trying to figure out how do I continue to make the kinds of relatively deep, player driven experiences that I want to do, not just on the console, but on mobile phones, etc. You ask how do I feel about iOS: I mean, if the opportunity were to present itself, if I ever left Disney, not that I’m planning on doing that – we have over 700 people around the world working on our new game now.” Warren Spector

It is pretty much certain that Junction Point are working on Epic Mickey 2, for PS3, 360 and Wii for release this fall. Concept art, storyline and key game-play mechanics have been leaked.

Two weeks ago Disney also sent out teaser emails to several news websites, teasing Spector’s ‘Epic’ new project, which will be exclusively revealed by GTTV on 27th March.


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