Peter Moore has been in the video games industry for quite some time, and now as the leader of EA’s ESports division, he has even more experience. Experience that has given him an interesting view on the future of gaming, which he shared with the Daily Orange. Primarily, there won’t be consoles for much longer:

“I’m not sure there will be consoles, as we know them anymore,” Moore said. “Games will be accessed by streaming technology, so we don’t need hardware intermediaries in between the two. If you and I want to play ‘Battlefield 12’ against each other, we’ll just jump into a game via whatever monitor we happen to have in our homes. It’ll be on a chip, rather than in a box.”

On the entertainment side, which ties into ESports, he believes that certain genres have more potential for hooking audiences than others:

“There is action (and) there is strategy,” Moore said. “You see the kill. You can see how it all mounts up to the kill. (It’s) the same way we watch war movies in that there is drama, there is intrigue (and) suspense. There’s (also) shooting.”

Finally, he thinks there’s great potential in VR, but there is a key flaw in it right now:

“The challenge right now with VR and AR is that they are very solitary. I don’t want to say they are antisocial, but they aren’t social,” Moore said. What you do by putting on a helmet or goggles is (that) you isolate yourself from the world … They are trying to stop you from throwing up (and) trying to get the right experiences. (And then) social will come.”

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