Platinum Games has revealed they’ve been working for three years on translating the fast-paced, artful games they’re known for into an experience that can be recreated on cell phones. Today they unveiled the fruits of their labor, World of Demons.

I’m aware that we’ve pooh-poohed mobile games several times on this site, most recently with Konami’s Castlevania announcement, but this…this is special. Imagine if there was a gamer that combined the frenetic hack-and-slash gameplay of Bayonetta with the gorgeous hand-painted watercolors of Okami. We’d play that no matter what platform it was on!

You play as a samurai tasked with building an army of monsters from Japanese folklore — oni and yokai. At the time of launch you’ll be able to choose from three playable samurai and collect up to 80 monsters. The beasts you have on your side can be summoned in the game to fight for you, but you can also fight yourself.

Gameplay is performed with simple swipes. Swipe toward an enemy and your character will attack; dodge and parry with other swipe motions. If you can play Tinder, you can play this. There’s also a finishing move that varies depending on the weapons you have equipped; those are activated by drawing a shape on the screen, just like Okami’s paintbrush.

The only real downside here is something common among phone games in general. It’s free to download, so you know what that means. You can find yokai, but you can also potentially buy them through loot box drops. We’re guessing the game will really, really prefer you buy them.

Even with that, World of Demons looks great. We can’t wait to see how it plays when it’s released this summer, first on iOS and later on Android.

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