The makers behind Puzzle Dimension, Doctor Entertainment, have decided to bring their 3D puzzle game to the PlayStation Network. Puzzle Dimension has one simple goal: Collect the flowers and reach the portal. However, just because the goal may be simple doesn’t mean reaching it is. It’s the stuff between that will give you a hard time. With mass amount of puzzles to do and the sheer enjoyment of solving them, this could be perhaps one of the best PSN Puzzle games released this year.

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Puzzle Dimensions gameplay is simple yet complex. You control the ball with either the D-Pad or the left analog and Jump with X. The camera view can also be controlled using the right analog stick and players can view the whole map by pushing triangle. This is quite useful as it allows players to hover around the map, which they can then use to plot their next step. In each level you are presented with a challenge of collecting 3-4 flowers that are spread and placed in various locations. In the early stages these levels can be quite easy as your only challenge are cracked floors, which break as soon as you roll or jump right off of them. They eventually become much more difficult and at times may seem impossible to complete. This is because the farther you progress the more and more complex the puzzles become.

Elements within the surrounded environment begin to mix together. In one level you could be jumping over spikes and in another you could be doing the exact same thing except you’re also trying to avoid the deadly ice panels. There are many other elements such as the fiery vents or even the classic spike on the floor scenario. Whatever they throw at you it’s bound to have you re-think your strategy.

Each level also have a score counter, which can be increased by either collecting flowers or by going over pixel blocks. Once you go over these pixel blocks they will immediately transform into a much more realistic block nabbing you more points. Additionally going over multiple pixel blocks will give you a multiplier. Going over consecutively will increase this multiplier.

Another neat feature in the game are the alternate themes. There’s a total of four themes and they can be unlocked by collecting flowers. Though they don’t change much it’s nice to see a different background in levels from time to time.

Overall Puzzle Dimension is a fun puzzle game that every puzzle lover should get their hands on. It’s definitely a title worth checking out.

Score: 8.5/10


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