Looks like Alien: Covenant won’t be the last prequel in the Alien series that Ridley Scott is involved with. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, he said the script for the movie he wants to make after this one has already been written. “You’ve got to assume to a certain extent success and from that you’d better be ready,” he says. “You don’t want a two-year gap. So I’ll be ready to go again next year.”

Scott has commented in the past that the story started in Prometheus could take more than one movie to tell. But now he seems to think it could take as many as three more. Or more than that. “If you really want a franchise, I can keep cranking it for another six,” he’s quoted as saying. “I’m not going to close it down again. No way.”

At some point you have to wonder if this isn’t some kind of plot to prevent director Neill Blomkamp from creating his own Alien movie (which Fox says they won’t budge on until Scott is done playing around). There is, of course, no evidence of this. But I wouldn’t be surprised if, the very day Sigourney Weaver either drops dead or retires from acting, Scott just suddenly announces his next Alien film is his last. ‘My job is done, ha ha! No retcon for you, Newt is still dead!”

To be fair, Scott confesses in the interview that he didn’t like Alien 3. (Then why not let somebody fix it?) Alien: Covenant comes out May 19, followed by who knows what.

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