One of the things you can say about the CW/DC Comics shows is that they aren’t afraid to get rid of certain big characters, regardless of whether they’re heroes or villains. In the case of Arrow, Season 03 saw the departure of Roy Harper, aka Arsenal. Colton Haynes’ character had a very planned out arc that started in Season 01, grew in two, then manifested in 3 until it was time to go. Of course, you can’t keep a good archer down, and they’ve found ways to keep bringing him back, albeit in cameo-like episodes.

Well, when a fan noted to Haynes on his Twitter account that they missed Roy very much on Arrow, he noted, “Roy’s coming back very soon”.

Now yes, this isn’t exactly a confirmation, but come on, he wouldn’t just say that to a fan if he didn’t know he was coming back. The question here is what context Roy is coming back in. In Season 03, he took the fall for Oliver and proclaimed he was The Arrow, and then went on the run after he faked his death in prison. So he can’t just be walking around freely, so, is this another cameo episode? Or maybe the beginning of something more?

Arrow returns for Season 06 on October 12th.

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