As far as we know, our planet remains undiscovered in the universe. But in the backstory behind the new tabletop game Wanted Earth, the secret is out — dozens of alien species now know our location, and each of them are coming here to conquer!

For the first six rounds of the original and PvP modes, players will use and combine their unique abilities to defend themselves from waves of enemies commanded by an alien Underlord.

As heroes defeat enemies, they’ll obtain credits which are used to purchase new items and equipment. Use your hero abilities to gain every advantage possible. Solve enigmas to buy yourself extra time or bring in new heroes if one has died.

Do whatever it takes to prepare yourself for the arrival of the enemy Overlord – a formidable enemy that will challenge even the best equipped players.

Once the enemy Overlord appears, players will have an additional six rounds of play. Defeat the Overlord and the heroes win. If all of the heroes are killed in battle, or time runs out, then the battle for Earth will be lost. Will you be the one defending Earth? Or will you be the one who destroys it? 

The concept is simple, but there are many ways to play. For one thing, you’re allowed to play as one of the alien conquerors. Wanted Earth is playable as a 2-to-4 player traditional game, a PvP 3-on-3 battle, and even solo against the game itself. An additional mode allows all players to play as aliens, but it’s only available through the Kickstarter campaign.

Speaking of which, here it is. Find out more about how to play through the instructions and videos posted on the page. Wanted Earth will be out in 2018 and the campaign runs through September 19.

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