Earlier in the month Popgeeks informed you about the impending existence of HELL’S KITTY, a new comedy-horror film about a jealous cat who doesn’t like the attention his owner’s dates are taking away from him. So he decides to execute them with extreme prejudice, as cats do.

Now Hell’s Kitty can be experienced not just through story, but through song. An original tune has been composed for the movie, but it’ll be released separately: “CHAINSAW KITTY.” If this is a spoiler about the cat eventually getting his paws on a chainsaw, we’re fine with that. “The CHAINSAW KITTY music video was meant to reflect the often schizophrenic personality of the movie’s central antagonist,” says the press release.

The makers of Hell’s Kitty are also recommending a drinking game where you take a chug every time the cat scratches someone or somebody screams, but…..we really don’t recommend this.

Hell’s Kitty will be out on DVD March 27, and on-demand platforms March 13.

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