Click Here!Scrubs is one of those shows where even the most average episode is better than most of the stuff on television right now. The cast dynamic and usually hilarious cutaway jokes can sell even the most disappointing episode. After assembling what’s probably one of the best creative teams and cast in recent television history, Scrubs has been a show that rarely disappoints, and almost always entertains. Thankfully, Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season continues the show’s strong run. On top of that, this season has one of my favorite episodes, “My Way Home.”

Season Five sees this zany cast of healthcare practical jokers make life changing decisions with smile inducing results. J.D. begins a hot and heavy romance with his seemingly perfect match while Elliot gets fired from her fellowship position and must bribe Dr. Kelso to get her old job back. Dr. Cox and Jordan, who finds out she’s pregnant, have to come to terms with working together, while Janitor convinces J.D. to help him move out of someone else’s house. Also, Carla and Turk decide to start a family and Dr. Kelso shows off his youthful legs!

With the sixth season now at an end, and the show thankfully renewed for a final seventh season, the timing for the Season Five DVD release could’t be better. Those just getting into Scrubs this year will be able to learn more of the back story (such as the big shocker from last year’s season finale). So what does Season Five hold exactly? Well, more of the same. And no, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing! And why? Well, Scrubs has been a consistent performer for it’s entire run. Yes, it has made the odd mistake here and there, but it’s been one of the most enjoyable half-hours on TV.

And why? Well, the characters are great. No matter how unlikable a character may seem, there’s always that redeeming factor about them. Each of the main characters have their own drastic shortcomings, but they way they’re written just sells them perfectly. They come off as real characters. Goofy? Yes! But real, relate-able, and totally enjoyable.

But, like any show, there are a couple things that don’t quite fit 100%. The biggest issue with this season was Elliot’s departure to another hospital, which quickly goes wrong. However, she is quickly back to Sacred Heart in one of the best episodes of the season(with a great overall performance by Sarah Chalke). Considering this is the fifth season of the series, the writing still stays strong. And on top of that, they don’t overdo their gags (which they sort of did in season six, but that’s beside the point). The show always adds a touch of the surreal to any situation, adding a unique perspective on things. Even the most mundane situation, such as Dr. Cox’s sister visiting, becomes something else entirely all due to the talent of both the creative team and the cast.

And while there’s a substantial amount of comedy, the show always manages to find a way to pull your heartstrings. The episode where Dr. Cox has a very, very bad is a true highlight of the season. Everything it turned on its’ head and the result is a pretty damn powerful episode and a great look at Dr. Cox and what makes him tick. The series can go from heartbreaking to hilarious in moments, and this is one of those episodes.

The show also lets their characters evolve, the best example being the relationship between Turk and Carla. Watching older episodes is always a treat because you can see seeds planted that grow into bigger subplots, be it something big (Turk and Carla’s relationship) or something completely silly (Dr. Acula, anyone?). I could sing the praises of this show all day, but I’m sure this review has already gotten a bit tedious to read (oddly enough, a favorable review is usually harder to write than a negative review). While the show may have the odd misfire, it’s one of the most consistently pleasing programs currently on television.

So, the show is good, but what about the DVD? Scrubs is presented in the show’s original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio. The show looks a shade better than it does on television. I find it odd that Scrubs is one of the last shows still being broadcast without a widescreen/HD counterpart. But the 1.33:1 frame works for the series, and the video itself is fine quality. The audio presented here is in typical Dolby Digital 5.1, and I have no complaints whatsoever.

The packaging for the show is the similar to early Scrubs DVDs. A nice cardboard slipcase which opens up to a digipack fold out. The cover art is, as usual, a bit . . . off . . . but it looks fine.

And how are the extras? Well, surprisingly sparse. The extras contain commentaries, deleted scenes, alternate lines, a brief look back at all five season of Scrubs, and a director’s cut of the 100th episode. Not much, but the small amount of extras are worth checking out. They’re informative, fun, and show just how well this cast gets along.

Overall, whether you watch Scrubs or not, I’d have to Recommend this release. They show is easy to get caught up on, and it’s one of the best out there. Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season is easily worth checking out. Not only is it one of the best medical based shows out there (suck it, Grey’s Anatomy and ER), but it’s consistently re-watchable. The episode, “My Way Home” alone is worth picking up this set. After you watch this season, I guarantee you will want to rush out and pick up the previous four. Arguable one of the best comedies on television, Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season will not disappoint (and I made it a whole review without resorting to a medical-themed joke . . . awesome).

Scrubs: The Complete Fifth Season arrives on DVD May 22nd.

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