In the newest Nintendo Direct it was announced that former big time rivals Nintendo and Sega will be teaming up to bring Sega’s most prolific mascot to Nintendo consoles for 3 exclusive games.

Starting off with a new Mario and Sonic Olympics game on the Wii U the big news released was that Sonic’s newest adventure, Lost World, will be coming exclusively to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This will be no reiteration of older games and will feature new enemies as well as new gameplay types. These two games will be the first two of the three game lineup that Sega will be releasing, with the third as of yet unannounced.

Not too long ago this wouldn’t have been great news with Sonic taking a decline in quality over the years. However, their last exclusive with Nintendo, Sonic Colors,  was a really high quality adventure and newer games like Sonic 4 and Sonic Generations shows that Sega just might have learned their lesson. Might we even see some of our Nintendo friends in the adventures considering this latest team up being so well heralded? Time will only tell of course, but for now I can tell you that that concept art up top looks fantastic.

Keep tuned to The Paranoid Gamer while we bring you the latest on this newest team up.

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