How can you establish yourself as the ultimate Shenmue fanboy? By owning the soundtrack on vinyl, that’s how.

There have been some crazy Shenmue rumors floating around lately, but this one is real. A new record label has sprung up in London calling itself Data Discs and stating its mission as “the first record label solely dedicated to releasing video game soundtracks on vinyl.” Their first two releases will be the Dreamcast’s Shenmue and the Genesis’s Streets of Rage. It will be utterly surreal to hear something as electronic as a Genesis score coming from an LP record.


The pressings will be high-quality, 180-gram and the package will come with a lithograph tucked into the sleeve relating to the respective game (because what’s the point of a record without big physical extras to look at?). There will be three alternate editions of each album, the most prestigious of which will only be available to those who pre-order.

You can preorder the Shenmue or Streets of Rage records by heading to the Data Discs website, which currently serves no other purpose. A Data Discs record will cost £19.99. Preorders will open on May 30 and copies will begin shipping this September.

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