On November 7 High Octane Pictures will release Sightings, a sci-fi horror movie they’re billing as a “cornucopia of Stranger Things, Signs and Jaws.” Prince Zuko himself, Dante Basco, is in the cast (though he does not play the lead). Here’s the synposis:

When former Sheriff and skeptic of the paranormal, Tom Mayfield (Boo Arnold), encounters three dead bodies on his TX ranch, he must enlist the help of his conspiracy-theorist brother-in-law (Rawn Erickson II), a local surveillance expert (Dante Basco), and a renowned cryptozoologist (Stephanie Drapeau), in order to uncover who or what is behind these mysterious events.

While being pursued by the local detective (Kevin Sizemore) as a lead suspect for these deaths, Tom is forced to reconsider his preconceived ideas of what lies beyond our planet.

Ultimately, he must mend the estranged relationship with his daughter (Tahlia Morgan) and come to grips with the truth of his missing wife (Tiffany Heath), as he discovers the importance of community in survival and the belief in the unseen.

Dallas Morgan wrote and directed Sightings, which is coming to video-on-demand platforms November 7. Check out the trailer below, and watch the skies….

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