Skybound streams new party card game PitchStorm


Pax East shows off more than video games. Tabletop games also are showcased during this convention. Both established games like Dungeons and Dragons to more independent companies and games like Pitchstorm. Skybound Games a small company who made the hit game Super Fight showed off their new game called PitchStorm on a stream Friday during Pax East.

PitchStorm is a game that has you create your own movie. How you create your movie is by drawing three cards from a plot deck and a character deck and say which ones you aren’t using then the one you are using and come up with a film. You are given a time limit to tell the story of your movie. While other players who are movie executives can use note cards to change the story by playing a note card. This will cause you to add that note to your story and complete your movie within that limit.

The game is likely going to be two to six players and will test your creativity and your storytelling skills. It perfect at a party, with friends, and at conventions. The game that was shown on Skybound’s stream is a prototype. However there is room for development between now and when it is released. From what was shown it looks like a lot of fun and there are bound to be expansions to the game in the future if it is kickstarted including an NC-17 pack.

No release date has been announced yet. However the Kickstarter will go live on May 8th.

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