From today, the US population can buy a Skylanders-inspired version of Hasbro’s fast-dealing property trading game Monopoly, all thanks to a special partnership between videogames publisher Activision and USAopoly.

Whilst the rules of Parker Brothers’ negotiation-heavy recreation haven’t changed, Skylanders Monopoly sees the board game’s original landmarks replaced by Skylanders locations – swapping Boardwalk with Thumpback’s Thundering Tide Pool, Park Place with Lightning Race Track, and Waterworks with Drill-X’s Boxed Beats. Moreover, its metal player tokens are modelled on memorable characters and objects from the wildly popular Skylanders universe.

The full list of differences is as below:

  • Boardwalk: Thumpback’s Thundering Tide Pool
  • Park Place: Zap’s Lightning Race Track
  • Green: Stealth Elf’s Ninja Dojo, Tree Rex’s Tree house, Stump Smash’s Nut Crackers
  • Yellow: Chop Chop’s Boneyard, Cynder’s Haunted House, Eye Brawl’s Optometry
  • Red: Eruptor’s Hot Springs, Hot Dog’s Lemonade Stand, Ignitor’s Medieval BBQ
  • Orange: Trigger Happy’s Bank Vault, Drobot’s Oil Change, Bouncer’s Roboball Court
  • Magenta: Spyro’s Chompy Diner, Pop Fizz Flavor Laboratory, Ninjini’s Bottle Shop
  • Light Blue: Lightening Rod’s Cloud Gym, Jet-Vac’s Indoor Skydiving, Whirlwind’s Rainbow Lounge
  • Brown: Terrafin’s Mud Spa, Crusher’s Home Improvement
  • Railroads: Flynn’s Blimp Tours, Air-Pirate Express, Molekin Mine Train, Dread Yacht Delivery Service
  • Community Chest: Treasure Chest
  • Chance: Luck-O-Tron
  • Electric Company: Core of Light Electric
  • Waterworks: Drill-X’s Boxed Beats
  • Income Tax: Auric’s Traveling Store Taxes
  • Luxury Tax: Persephone’s Gem Shop
  • Currency: Gold Coins
  • Houses: Renamed as Huts
  • Hotels: Renamed as Castles
  • Dice: Traditional
  • Tokens: KAOS, Sheep, Cannon, Pirate Ship, Swords and Chompie

The Skylanders brand has been a huge hit for Activision since its inception two years ago, raking in sales of more than $1 billion. We imagine the release of Skylanders Monopoly, the second cross-market promotion for the franchise following April’s deal with McDonalds, will only result in further success.

If you have $39.99 burning a hole in your pocket, you can purchase this novel piece of merchandise from Amazon, Hastings, Entertainment Earth and GameStop Canada. Isn’t it pretty? Skylanders_mn_pr_print

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