The Sly Cooper series is a true fan-favorite video game franchise. The combination of great characters, wacky setting, stealth and action gameplay, and more have made it epic from basically start to finish. The series has had 4 titles, and was rumored to be getting a movie in the style of the Ratchet and Clank film that released last year. However, that never moved forward. Now though, it’s been announced that Sly Cooper will be getting a TV series, one developed by Technicolor Animation Productions, who makes the very successful Sonic Boom TV show, along with Sony who owns the rights to the franchise.

The series will star Sly, Bentley, and Murray (the main characters from the games), as well as other series regulars like Carmelita Fox. The plot of the show seems to be one that meshes with what the games did, stealing (for the right reasons) and defending cities and the world. Apparently, a few classic Sly Cooper villains will make an appearance as well.

Furthermore, the team behind this adaptation promise that they’ll keep the style and tone in line with what the games offered.

“There is no doubt that teenagers will be happy to rediscover their beloved game as a series, while younger kids will be charmed by the debonair raccoon and his exciting universe,” said Sandrine Nguyen, Managing Director, Technicolor Animation Productions.

No release date has been given for this as of yet.

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