Nintendo showcased the new installment of Smash Bros and gave us a lot to look forward to


This year’s Nintendo Direct gave us an in depth look at the new Smash Bros which has been officially titled Smash Bros Ultimate. From tweaks to the game, characters, and more. They gave it the spotlight for it to shine.

The roster in this game is the largest yet because all past characters are available to play. This includes past DLC characters. There are also new types of characters that are based off of other characters called Echo characters. One of these characters shown was Daisy as a clone of Princess Peach. Though there are two new characters added to the roster that were announced. Previously announced was the inkling boy and girl. However as a surprise announcement Ridley from the Metroid franchise is now a fighter.

You will also have new variants of costumes and characters. For example you can have a male or female Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer. With costumes you may change certain characters outfits to those from other games.

Gameplay Changes and Compatibility

Gameplay has been tweaked from last game as we are told that final smashes have been streamlined and improved upon. Some have been changed completely. The characters are now faster in movement and now have air dodging. They also changed how damage works in the game. There are now decimals in the damage bar, which is new to the series. You also take less damage the more players there are in a game. There will be a small screen when a character is flown off screen, but not yet eliminated as a way to help new players.

Cooldowns and items now appear next to the damage gauge as well to make it easy to know when sower like from Cloud’s limit gauge is running low and what you have like with Villager’s ability to stash items. You are able to pick your stage before you pick characters as well, a series first. All stages will have a battlefield and omega form.

There were also some news in terms of what is compatible with the new Smash Bros. The game will be compatible with all current amiibos of characters related to Smash Bros characters. The game will also be compatible with Gamecube controllers though how this will work is not yet known.

Smash Bros Ultimate will release on December 7th 2018.

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