Seems that Sony “4/19” teaser may have finally been revealed with the latest information.

Upon inspecting ( with firefox) the official Playstation website http://us.playstation.com/ (and Facebook Pictures), the box holding the 4/19 teaser image contains some interesting text in the URL that it can be found at.


Notice the PS gow teaser? Playstation God of War Teaser is the only thing that really makes sense, though nothing isofficially confirmed yet.

Another possibility is that this could be a much awaited Heavenly Sword sequel.

My bets guess is that it’s a new God of War, though I doubt it, I do get a feeling that this might be Sony’s rumored Super Smash Bros. title.

Also checking out Rory Driscoll Twitter (he works at Santa Monica)

“The character on my screen is doing something very disturbing right now. I wish I could say more.”

 Sounds to me like he’s playing a new game, otherwise why not just state that what he’s playing?

Source: Neogaf

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