Ubisoft recently released a new trailer for the next installment in their long line of Tom Clancy games – Splinter Cell: Blacklist.  Check ‘er out below.

With it’s release date announced back in January, our next traipse in the persona of Sam Fisher could easily have slipped anyone’smind since.  This trailer successfully reminds us of all those questions we’ve been asking since we first caught word of the game last summer:  Will it be more fast, action attacks like Conviction, or a return to the hardcore stealth of early installments?  Can I pick up corpses again?  Well, if not, do we at least get some of our gadgets back?  How old is Sam now, and can I look that good when I’m his age?

Well, some of those questions were answered with this nice single-level walk-through with one of the game’s developers posted back in March, which shows the ability to play through in three different manners: stealthy, not-stealthy, and… something in between?

I can’t say all my fears are assuaged; Conviction was a great game, but some of us missed being able to control the environment.  Well, what I really mean is I missed being able to hide bodies in dark corners.  And let’s be honest; a great thing about the first three games was the ability to control the trail your intrusion left behind.  Let’s hope Blacklist keeps on with some of the options for fast-paced combat implemented in the last game but goes a step further to bring us a taste of its earlier predecessors as well.

The game is set to release in North America with the 360, PS3, Wii U and PC  on August 20th of this year, so you’ve still got plenty of time left to bite your fingernails as you wait for a jab at Ubisoft Toronto’s first official project.

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