Star Trek: Discovery had a lot of risks going into Season 01. First off, it was a show being relegated to CBS All Access, the cable channel’s streaming service, so if you didn’t have that, you wouldn’t be able to see the show. Second, the series was to take place before the original Star Trek series, which was both good and bad depending on how you looked at it. Finally, the topic of continuity made many squeamish as the show said it would and wouldn’t follow it.

Thankfully for all, Star Trek: Discovery turned out very well, and we’re getting Season 02 because of it. The end of Season 02 showed the USS Discovery meeting up with the legendary USS Enterprise, which has led many to wondering if Spock would be in the second season. We can now confirm that via Star Trek actor and director Jonathan Frakes, who will be directing the second episode of the second season which WILL feature a form of Spock. Key word here is “form”. We’re going to see a flashback that will feature a younger Spock.

However, this doesn’t mean we won’t see an older version of Spock, as continuity states that he should be on the Enterprise during the time the season one finale is in. But no confirmation of that has happened as of yet. However, we do have confirmation that Captain Pike (Kirk’s predecessor) will be in the second season.


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