Stephen King published Gerald’s Game in 1992, at the height of Hollywood’s hunger for adapting his work. However, the book was entirely glanced over until now, and when you hear the plot, you understand why: it takes place entirely on a bed. So why, you might ask, did they not pull a Lawnmower Man and write something completely different out of the premise? Because the premise revolves entirely around bondage sex, which until Fifty Shades of Grey was completely unthinkable to build a mainstream movie around.

Gerald and Jessie Burlingame are stuck in a dying marriage, and figure they can bring the spice back by escaping to a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere and Doing The Weird Stuff. From the first few moments of this trailer Gerald feels creepy, and you figure no amount of kinky roleplay is going to disguise that. You’d be right — Jessie chickens out two seconds in. If only she wasn’t married to this guy….then, at that very moment, he suddenly grabs his chest in pain, rolls off the bed and dies. That was convenient.

No, wait — his wife is still handcuffed to the bed! She’s handcuffed to the bed, with both arms, in the middle of nowhere with a dead guy! And he’s clearly had an effect on her…with every attempt Jessie makes at escape, Gerald’s voice is in her head, yelling that she’ll never pull it off. It’s a lot like Misery, except instead of Kathy Bates you have an abusive dead hallucinatory husband and instead of a sledgehammer to the foot, Jessie gets a hungry dog to the foot.

If you get Netflix, your ticket to Gerald’s Game has already been bought. The streaming service will debut King’s new non-clown-related horror film September 29.

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