People, if you own Super Mario Odyssey, and you’ve opened up the Metro Kingdom, NOW is the time to tackle the Jump Rope Challenge. Trust me on this.

The Jump Rope is frequently mentioned on lists as one of the worst tasks to complete in Super Mario Odyssey. In the front courtyard of Metro Kingdom near the parrot Talkatoo and the “MARIO” letters, there are two women with a jump rope. Walking between them will initiate a counter, and if Mario jumps, they’ll count each time you clear the rope. Sounds simple enough? Far from it…they’ll change their pace every few seconds, making timing unreliable and a miss very easy. The task yields two Moons, one at 30 jumps cleared and one at 100, and they are both aggravating and tedious to earn.

But your salvation has arrived in the form of a wondrous glitch. It involves throwing your hat in such a way that it will hit Talkatoo in the back on its return. The millisecond before the hat hits, push the A button to make Talkatoo chatter. If timed right, you should see the hat right next to him, like so:

This will take a few tries to get the timing just perfect….but you’ll get a feel for it eventually. The hat really does need to be right next to him. Any further will not trigger the glitch.

When Talkatoo is done talking, get the camera off of him as quickly as possible. You have two seconds before the camera will freeze on him forever (or until you hat-warp to another area). Now that you’re not facing Talkatoo, you have extra time — but know that the next time the camera shows him it WILL freeze — and you need it to happen at the correct spot. Go to the jump rope, jump between the girls, hit ZR or ZL to perform a Ground Pound — and if you did this correctly, the camera will turn around at that moment and show Talkatoo, freezing you directly over the jump rope.

Now that you’ve already started the game, the girls will start counting while you hover there. You can stay as long as you like, and end the count at any time by pressing Y. It will take you no time to get the two moons, but the absolute limit is 99999 jumps — which takes fifteen and a half hours.

You must do this as soon as possible because Nintendo is likely to fix the glitch before long. If it were any other moon it might not matter, but the jump rope is connected to a worldwide online leaderboard — a board now filled with 99999 records. It kinda destroys the point and most of those will probably be erased. But before then, get your free moons while you can!

One more note: after you’re done jumping, the camera will still be frozen. Depending on the angle, you may not see both moons on your screen. One moon is next to one girl and the other is next to the other girl. You may have to stumble blindly to collect one or the other, but they’re there — and if you warp to correct the camera, you’ll lose the moons and have to do this again.

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