Syrinscape, the Australian company specializing in music and effects tracks to enhance your tabletop games, has released the Shoggoth Soundset, a new set of sounds met to emulate the Lovecraftian beast in any game where it or a similar monster might appear. Wait’ll you hear how they created it.

Throughout 2017, a team representing Syrinscape traveled all over the world, through the US, the UK and the rest of Europe…and on every stop, they’d ask people to groan, roar or emit whatever beastly sound they could come up with. The end result is truly one of a kind….a multi-lingual horrific mono-voice merged from thousands. Syrinscape’s take on what the Shoggoth sounds like is certainly the most creative (and elaborate).

“The legendary Shoggoth truly comes alive with this amazing collection of voices from around the world, carefully curated and lovingly edited with repeated sanity checks,” says Benjamin Loomes, Syrinscape’s CEO and Creative Director. “Absolutely everyone who contributed their voice is included in the mass-voice hideosity that is Lovecraft’s Shoggoth!”

The Shoggoth Soundset is downloadable now from the Syrinscape website for $3.99, and playable on the Syrinscape app.

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