Because modern technology has a solution for everything, there’s an easy way to establish atmosphere in a tabletop RPG: an app that plays atmospheric sound. The Australian company Syrinscape specializes in creating this type of thing, and sound packs on their app can be purchased for $3.99 each. This week they released four new packs for varied situations, and provided YouTube previews…

The Bustling Port Town SoundSet features a vibrant, colorful, pungent port town that thrums with trade, traffic and passion. Players can shop for anything in the stalls, stores and back alleys of this town’s thriving cosmopolitan streets. “I am super proud of the work the Syrinscape team did on this particularly rich and fantastic and amazing immersive soundset,” says Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes (that’s him in the thumbnail).

It’s dead, it’s angry and it’s see-through. The Wraith Battle SoundSet includes sounds of a haunted crypt with something in the walls, wraiths battling, rat scratches and a slew of unsettling noises.

A million tiny biting mouths with a thousand thousand poison barbs and the clamor of innumerable wings awaits players in the Hell Swarm SoundSet. Stripping branches, crops or flesh with the same unstoppable obsession, players will step inside the hurricane of evil insectoid horror.

Players will lose themselves in the depths of the Library of Arcana SoundSet as it inspires a sense of awe, history and unease. Somewhere deep inside this building are books to strip the mind, words to inspire despots and rituals to unlock the gates of world-destroying horror.

The fifth sound pack, Whisper Out Of Time, is designed for a specific RPG: Pathfinder RPG Adventure Path: Strange Aeons. However, you can use it for anything else you want to.

All five sound packs are live now and ready to play on the Syrinscape app. The company offers a free 30-day trial, along with two free sound packs you can keep even if you choose not to pay the monthly fee.

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