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The Flashback Interview: Pleasant Gehman

by Johnny Capson May 22, 2018
Pleasant Gehman is the definition of the phrase “renaissance woman”. Pleasant is a talent who has done a whole lot of work in multiple different fields, and done a great job with everything she’s tackled. She’s been a musician with groups like The Screamin’ Sirens and The Ringling Sisters. Under the name Princess Farhana, as […]

The Flashback Interview: Barbie Wilde

by Johnny Capson May 21, 2018
My first exposure to my next interview, Barbie Wilde, came when I saw Death Wish 3 during one of its’ many airings on syndicated television. She played the role of Fraker’s (Gavan O’Herlihy) punk girlfriend, and although her role was small, it was memorable. As my fascination with 80s culture continued to grow, I would […]

The Flashback Interview: Sheila Marie

by Johnny Capson March 7, 2018
I admittedly first came to know of my next interview subject, Sheila Marie, via her work in adult film. There’s so much more to her than that, though, and I discovered the scope of her work by visiting her IMDB page. Sheila Marie is an actress, a dancer, a bodybuilder and an author, among other […]

Remembering Dorothy Malone (Since The Oscars Didn’t)

by Johnny Capson March 5, 2018
Every year, I take a day off from my paying job to watch the Academy Awards. As an inveterate film buff, I love watching the show every year, even if I haven’t seen most of the nominees. It’s always entertaining to see stars of the past and present unite to celebrate film, a medium we […]

The Flashback Interview: Dee Wallace

by Johnny Capson February 19, 2018
I was born in 1982, and the big movie of that year was E.T The Extra-Terrestrial. It made an impact on me from the first time I saw it, and it’s a movie I’ve often returned to over the years. One of the talents who stood out in that movie was Dee Wallace, who played […]

The Flashback Interview: Lisa Wilcox

by Johnny Capson February 13, 2018
2018 marks the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Another memorable entry in the franchise, the movie starred Lisa Wilcox as Alice Johnson, who inherits the power to pull people into her dreams from Kristen Parker (played by Tuesday Knight, taking over for Patricia Arquette who played her in […]

Oscars’ Best Original Song 2018: My Predictions

by Johnny Capson January 25, 2018
In 2015, I had written an article about the Best Original Song nominees of the 87th Oscars. That year’s Academy Awards ceremony saw “Glory” from the Martin Luther King biopic Selma win the Best Original Song Oscar in a field that also saw competition from films like The Lego Movie and the Glen Campbell documentary […]

In Praise Of Kino Lorber Studio Classics

by Johnny Capson January 4, 2018
It’s been 18 years since I was first introduced to the concept of DVDs. The family of my girlfriend at the time had a DVD player, and I was so fascinated by the technology in 1999 that I knew I wanted one for myself. I was even buying DVDs before I got a DVD player […]

The Flashback Interview: Kelli Maroney

by Johnny Capson December 14, 2017
My newest interview subject, Kelli Maroney, is actually a talent I’ve interviewed before. I interviewed her via e-mail for RetroJunk, my previous writing base, in 2007. The interview may have happened only 10 years ago, but for me, it’s more like a lifetime ago. When I first interviewed Kelli Maroney, I was in a very […]

The Flashback Interview: Leah Ayres

by Johnny Capson December 6, 2017
My first exposure to my next interview subject came via the 1988 movie Bloodsport. Leah Ayres played Janice Kent, the movie’s female lead. She made an impression on me with her beauty and her talent, and as I delved further into her career, I became impressed not only by her work on-screen, but her work […]

The Flashback Interview: Lezlie Deane

by Johnny Capson November 2, 2017
I was first introduced to my next interview subject, Lezlie Deane, through my friendship with former interview subject JJ Cohen, who co-starred with her in the 1988 horror favorite 976-Evil. I sent her a friend request shortly afterward, and we got to know each other well enough to do an interview in 2015. Unfortunately, a […]

Pop Geeks Reviews Wild Eye Releasing’s Antihuman

by Johnny Capson October 31, 2017
Antihuman is not a movie about nihilism, nor is it a biography about George Carlin. Antihuman is a movie that, although its’ billed as a horror movie like Resident Evil, is more of a psychological horror piece. The movie, set in England, centers around Maggie (Anya Korzun), a dying young woman who is hoping to […]