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New Seasons Confirmed For The CW’s Comic Book Shows

by Peter Paltridgeon April 2, 2018
A week ago we reported that the producers of Legends of Tomorrow wanted to put Constantine in every episode next season, but that depended on there being a next season. In fact, none of the network’s shows had gotten word of a fall renewal yet and it was already April. Typical for any other network, […]

Arrow Arsenal

Arrow Synopsis Teases Arsenal’s Return

by Todd Blackon February 16, 2018
Arrow’s Season 06 has been about dealing with a group of villains united against Oliver Queen, however, a key part of that storyline has now ended, and it’s leaving many to wonder what’s next. Well, one thing that will happen is the return of several key members of the team, including Roy Harper, aka Arsenal. […]

Legion Of Doom

Legion Of Doom “Sitcom” Posed To CW Heads

by Todd Blackon February 11, 2018
When Legends Of Tomorrow was brought into the Arrowverse on the CW, it was a very bold move. For unlike Arrow and Flash before it, this was not a team set in the lore of DC Comics. The team was all DC Comics characters to be sure, but no team called the “Legends Of Tomorrow” […]

Guy Roger Duvert Interview

Guy-Roger Duvert, Director of 2047 Virtual Revolution Interview

by Adam Popeon January 23, 2018
Guy-Roger Duvert has delivered an award-winning sci-fi experience with his film 2047 Virtual Revolution. In my recent review I found Duvert’s take on the morality of virtual gaming to be quite unique, while at the same time evoking the look and feel of the Blade Runner universe in an expertly executed homage. I decided to […]

2047 Virtual Revolution Movie

2047 Virtual Revolution – Movie Review

by Adam Popeon January 4, 2018
While some might consider 2047 Virtual Revolution to be nothing more than a stylish homage to Blade Runner, it is Guy-Roger Duvert’s laser focused vision that manages to guide the film into a genuine futuristic adventure with its own voice. Let get right to it, I really enjoyed 2047 Virtual Revolution. I’ll also admit that […]


Gotham Star Teases Arrowverse Crossover Suggestion

by Todd Blackon December 20, 2017
The CW seems to have the DC Comics universe on lock. It has Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, The Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen and Constantine (via CWSeed animated series), and in less than a month, Black Lightning will arrive. The only current DC Comics show that isn’t tied to the CW or the Arrowverse is Gotham, which […]

Crisis On Earth-X

Crisis On Earth-X Will Have Comedy Says Flash Star

by Todd Blackon November 23, 2017
In just a few days, we’ll get the next major DCTV crossover via “Crisis On Earth-X”, which will see the stars of Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl teaming up to fight their evil doppelgangers from the titular Earth-X. Who…all happen to be Nazis. Spoilers! Anywho, the crossovers have been known to be deep, […]


Arrowverse Mid-Season Finales Synopses

by Todd Blackon November 20, 2017
As is tradition now, the DC Comics show on the CW will be hitting their fall finales/mid-season finales in a few weeks. In fact, it’ll happen a week after the epic crossover event “Crises On Earth-X.” And these will be the last episodes for a few weeks until the shows start up at the beginning […]


Arrow Star Speaks Out On EP Controversy

by Todd Blackon November 14, 2017
Over the past few weeks, many high-profile people have been outed for harassment of female co-workers, among others. This has rocked Hollywood to its core, and it’s gone through movies and TV shows alike. Sadly, the Arrowverse was not exempt from this, and showrunner of Flash and Supergirl Andrew Kreisberg has been accused of such allegations, […]


Stephen Amell Proposed Bruce Wayne Name Drop On Arrow

by Todd Blackon November 9, 2017
So, in a recent episode, the DC Comics/CW show Arrow did a major name drop of a character: Bruce Wayne. The Arrowverse as its called has stated that more or less the Arrow was the first “superhero” in the modern world (the JSA was revealed to be a real thing in the 40’s, but that […]

Arrow Black Canary

Next Arrow Episode Teased By Actress

by Todd Blackon October 20, 2017
At the end of last nights episode of Arrow, John Diggle, who has been going by the name Spartan in the shows team, was asked by Oliver Queen to become the new, permanent Green Arrow. While this would make sense any other season, it’s not so simple with Season 06. For the fallout of Prometheus’ […]

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith To “Never” Direct Arrow?

by Todd Blackon October 18, 2017
So, one of the beauties of the Arrowverse is that it not only gets some high-profile actors and actresses to join in the fun sometimes, but also, they get some big name directors to come in and do some episodes as well. One of the biggest ones so far is Kevin Smith, who has done […]