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Want to see what Black 2 looked like?

by Craig Reynoldson August 6, 2013
After a bit of playful hounding from Canadian videogames journalist turned presenter Geoff Keighley, Criterion Games’ Creative Director Alex Ward has released a screenshot from cancelled FPS Black 2.

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Rumour: Famitsu To Reveal Pokemon B/W2 on April 4th

by Andy Whitefieldon March 31, 2012
Famitsu recently attended the 2012 Japanese Arts & Hobby expo in Tokyo this past weekend and handed out a teaser flyer…

Pokemon Black & White 2 Announced

by Andy Whitefieldon February 26, 2012
Well, Masuda kept his word, there was a surprising Pokemon announcement on Pokemon Sunday…

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Hollywood Stars Rosario Dawson and Brian Cox Headline Voice Cast in EA’s Syndicate

by Dean Amondon February 10, 2012
Vie for dominance in this brutal cyberpunk world where business is war!

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Reverb Publishing Signs Deal with Coffee Stain Studios to Publish Sanctum 2

by 1Robert Strickon February 7, 2012
Fresh off the runaway success of Dungeon Defenders (which recently surpassed 1 million units sold across all platforms), digital experts Reverb Publishing today announced a partnership with the veteran development team at Coffee Stain Studios to publish the PC, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network version of Sanctum 2, the sequel to its incredibly popular PC […]

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WWE ’12 Title Update, New DLC Incoming

by Dean Amondon January 28, 2012
After all the problems with WWE Universe mode as well as most of the online portion of the game, THQ will finally be releasing a patch this week to conquer the issues that have plagued the game.

PlayStation European Store Update – 1/25/12

by Dean Amondon January 25, 2012
A huge sale on the Final Fantasy series highlights this week’s European PlayStation Store update!

Coral Pink And Ice White Nintendo 3DS Consoles to Hit UK

by Andy Whitefieldon January 25, 2012
25th January, 2012 – If you’re looking for the latest fashion in handheld gaming, the Coral Pink and Ice White Nintendo 3DS™ consoles will be available to buy as individual units from 10thFebruary in the UK.  

PlayStation European Store Update – 1/18/12

by Dean Amondon January 19, 2012
Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Arc the Lad highlight this week’s PlayStation EU Store update!

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Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Unleashes Supernatural Thrills on Nintendo 3DS

by Andy Whitefieldon January 17, 2012
Built-In Camera and Augmented-Reality Features Offer Hair-Raising Hand-Held Fun

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Review: Uncharted 3 (PS3)

by 1Robert Strickon January 12, 2012
To say that there was a significant amount of hype going into Uncharted 3 would be an understatement. In Uncharted 2, Naughty Dog crafted arguably one of the greatest titles of the modern era. Could Uncharted 3 once again raise the bar for the action/adventure genre? The answer isn’t exactly so black and white.

PlayStation European Store Update – 1/11/12

by Dean Amondon January 11, 2012
AMY and Darksiders highlight this week’s European PlayStation Store update!