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Batman: The Animated Series

NYCC 2017: Batman: The Animated Series Getting Blu-Ray Collection

by Todd Blackon October 8, 2017
Batman: The Animated Series is considered one of (if not the) greatest animated adaptation of a comic book property ever. In fact, it was this cartoon that kickstarted the DC Animated universe, which would include Superman TAS, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Teen Titans, and of course, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. And yet, even […]


Bunnyman Vengeance: Nothing Will Stop Him!

by Peter Paltridgeon October 6, 2017
I could post a thorough analysis of Bunnyman: Vengeance, the psychology involved and the sophisticated nuance of the concept…..but I think the movie poster says all you need to know. The “inspired by true events” is the icing on the cake. There have actually been two Bunnyman movies before this one, both getting direct-to-demand releases, […]

Wynonna Earp Is Getting An Unconventional Blu-Ray Release

by Peter Paltridgeon May 31, 2017
Television studios have had to come up with various ways of dealing with a hardcore collectors’ market that will still pay for shows on disc, while dealing with a brick-and-mortar market that continues to shrink its DVD and Blu-Ray shelf space. To get through the blockade to their fans, some companies have offered shows as […]

spider-man 3

An Alternate Cut Of Spider-Man 3 Was Sold For One Day

by Peter Paltridgeon May 29, 2017
Something weird happened over the weekend: a brand-new cut of Spider-Man 3 appeared on Amazon, then disappeared from the marketplace a day later. This so-called “Editor’s Cut” runs a little bit shorter, uses new music cues and has alternate takes of scenes. Then it was gone. There’s an explanation for this bizarre occurrence: a giant […]

The Belko Experiment Comes To Blu-Ray June 27

by Peter Paltridgeon April 20, 2017
Odds are pretty good you missed director James Wan’s latest horror flick, The Belko Experiment, when it briefly flickered in theaters last month. The good news on that end is that you won’t have to wait long for the home video versions to appear. Fox Home Entertainment announced today this sordid tale of office management […]

the bye bye man

The Bye-Bye Man Says Hi-Hi To Blu-Ray This April

by Peter Paltridgeon February 23, 2017
There’s an evil boogeyman out there, and he can control your mind if you think of him! Which is a problem, because his name is so stupid that you can’t possibly NOT think of it! He’s the Bye Bye Man, and he’s coming to possess your home video player this April: digital on April 11, […]

Rogue One Is Coming To Blu-Ray April 4

by Peter Paltridgeon February 22, 2017
Star Wars: Rogue One will be crossing over into home video formats starting next month. Disney announced today that the spinoff tale would debut in digital form March 24, and physical disc media 11 days later on April 4, and upon this news, they released the full list of special features. As massive as this […]

Don't Breathe

Exclusive Clip From The Home Video Release Of Don’t Breathe

by Peter Paltridgeon November 4, 2016
Sony Pictures’ Don’t Breathe was considered the high point of the 2016 horror movie lineup — we’ve got two months to go, but anything topping it in this period is unlikely. Now it’s coming to Blu-Ray, DVD and cloud vapor, loaded with behind-the-scenes content and deleted scenes. To drum up hype, Sony has released one […]

DVD And Blu-Ray Extras: Where Did They Go?

by Johnny Capson April 20, 2016
I was first introduced to DVDs by my high school girlfriend. The relationship ended up not working out, mainly because as I was still adjusting to a diagnosis of Aspergers’ Syndrome, I was having difficulty figuring out how relationships are supposed to go. One thing I can thank her for, though, is my love of […]

freaks and geeks

Freaks And Geeks Coming To Blu-Ray In A Big Way

by Peter Paltridgeon December 6, 2015
There are DVD sets, and then there’s what Shout Factory gifted to Freaks and Geeks. This one-season show got the most elaborate treatment I’ve ever seen for any series released on a home video format. There was hours upon hours of behind-the-scenes footage, from raw dailies to the cast members’ home movies. I would wager […]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Returns to DVD/Blu-Ray

by Jeff Harrison August 27, 2013
For a show that has seen a lot of changes and ownership in the past decade, Yu-Gi-Oh! has a lot of legs. Being a part of The CW’s Vortexx block and the Nicktoons lineup, the series is finally returning to the home entertainment market this September. Cinedigm  and 4K Media Inc. (the Konami-owned manager of […]

“The Green Hornet” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron April 29, 2011
The Green Hornet film was in development hell for years, possibly decades (I didn’t follow it that far back), before a studio finally got serious about making a film. Sony finally got the ball rolling when a serviceable script was introduced and…it was co-written by and starring Seth Rogen. Mind you the immediate reaction of all […]