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E3 2017: Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2017
At the Sony E3 Press Conference, a big new trailer was shown for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Infinite. One that showed multiple new characters, as well as the tease for the story mode, a demo of which is available for download right now. Character wise, the trailer showed off, Thanos, Gamora, Nova, Black Panther, Zero […]

Remastered Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

by Nathan Gibsonon May 23, 2017
Dragon’s Dogma is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the form of a remastered edition known as Dark Arisen. Posts from the game’s official social media sites indicate that the title will arrive this fall across both consoles and will also see the game release on PC in Japan. The move will […]

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Confirmed Via Rating Site

by Nathan Gibsonon April 28, 2017
It looks like the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will be releasing at some point in the near future, as the bundle has been rated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in South Korea. The ratings board entry reveals that this collection will include Mega Man 7 through 10, ensuring that all of the classic […]

Disney Afternoon Collection Releases

by Todd Blackon April 19, 2017
Oh snap, put those 8-bit shades on, it’s time to dive into The Disney Afternoon Collection! This collection of six classic Capcom games is available digitally today across Europe and North America on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC for £15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99. Featuring titles like Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers and DuckTales, […]

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Street Fighter IV Available On Xbox One Through Backwards Compatibility

by Nathan Gibsonon March 16, 2017
Capcom’s Street Fighter IV is now available for players to download on the Xbox One as it has been added to the list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games. Anyone who has a disc version of the title or has bought it digitally can now play it on the latest console. Street Fighter IV originally […]

The Disney Afternoon Collection Is Coming

by Jeffrey Harrison March 15, 2017
The Disney Afternoon is making a comeback of sorts. Well, the actual Disney Afternoon isn’t coming back. However, Capcom announced this week The Disney Afternoon Collection. This is a new compilation set of six games featuring the Disney TV characters from the beloved Disney Afternoon block of the 80s and 90s. The set will feature […]

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Release Period Update

by Jeffrey Harrison December 28, 2016
Japanese gamer outlet released a new interview with Capcom assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano, who had some details on Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and when fans might expect it to come out next year. According to Ayano, the game is expected to release “in the second half of next year (2017).” Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite […]

Street Fighter V Second Season Detailed

by Todd Blackon December 20, 2016
Street Fighter V has gone through many changes s ince its release in February of this year. New characters, stages, major updates that changed the game and many ways, and major refinements to the multiplayer, Capcom has been busy. Now, they’re focusing on what they call “Season 02” of the game, which will bring more […]

Rumors Hint at Marvel vs. Capcom 4

by Jeffrey Harrison November 26, 2016
Some rumors have recently picked up steam recently, stemming from a forum post on NeoGAF suggesting that a certain fighting game could become a reality. That fighting game is Marvel vs. Capcom 4. According to the forum post, an announcement on the rumored game could be made as soon as next week at the 2016 […]

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Resident Evil VII’s Collectors Edition Has A House In It

by Peter Paltridgeon November 21, 2016
Capcom has revealed its plans to sell a Collector’s Edition of its upcoming seventh mainline Resident Evil game. It’s at the higher end of limited editions with its $179.99 price tag, so what’s in it that’s purportedly worth so much? How about a house? The Southern mansion you explore in the game has been recreated […]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Review

by Todd Blackon September 26, 2016
It’s hard to believe in some ways that the Ace Attorney series has gone through six main titles. As a visual novel series of sorts, you’d think that after a while, the game would get too repetitive, or lose it’s flair. In fact, the creator of the series only intended it to be three games, […]

Monster Hunter To Be Adapted Into Hollywood Film

by Nathan Gibsonon September 22, 2016
A Hollywood produced film adaptation of the Monster Hunter series is currently in development, according to remarks made by series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this week, Tsujimoto explained that the project was in very early stages and refused to elaborate on other details. The exact quote, which was translated […]