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Cartoon Network Brings Back ThunderCats with their new ThunderCats Roar Animated Series

by Robert Stukowskion May 19, 2018
The ThunderCats are back again! However, they are not coming back the way you may think. Cartoon Network is giving the franchise the Teen Titians GO treatment with their upcoming animated series entitled ThunderCats Roar. Warner Bros. Animation recently announced the new cartoon series via Entertainment Weekly. This is not the first time we had a […]

The Flashback Interview: Mickie McGowan

by Johnny Capson December 26, 2017
The name Mickie McGowan may not be familiar to you, but you’ve certainly heard her voice before, or at least those of the talents she’s gathered together when doing ADR casting for films from the 80s to the modern day. I first came to know of Mickie McGowan via seeing her posts on the Facebook […]

Fightinator Blasting Into Production Next Year

by Peter Paltridgeon November 30, 2017
Listen up, because we have a matter of urgent importance. A feature film is about to go into production described as “a hilarious, action-packed, blood-soaked, curse-word-filled, nunchuck-gun-shooting, RoboNazi-punching, Cyborg Karate-kicking animated movie.” Real-life boxer Buster Douglas will be lending his voice to 1980s action-hero-parody Blast Fightinator, a robot scientist who “is bitten by a radioactive […]

The Flashback Interview: Holly Fields

by Johnny Capson May 31, 2017
I attended Chiller Theatre in Parsippany, New Jersey for the 4th time in October of 2016, and as with the previous times I attended, I met a lot of wonderful people, both celebrity and convention-goer alike. Falling into the former category is my next interview subject. Holly Fields has been active in the entertainment industry […]

The Flashback Interview: Rip Taylor

by Johnny Capson March 9, 2017
Rip Taylor is a very unique performer. With his rapid wit, quickfire puns and bursts of confetti, he’s been the Clown Prince Of Pandemonium for more than half-a-century. In the 90s, I saw him in a variety of projects ranging from Ducktales The Movie and Wayne’s World 2 on the big screen to Amazon Women […]


Nickelodeon Rumored to be Making Nintendo Animated Series

by Jeffrey Harrison December 29, 2016
During a recent episode of the Nick Animation Podcast (via Gameranx), Fred Seibert dropped a very interesting rumor regarding a possible, upcoming animated series on Nickelodeon. Per the report, Nickelodeon is developing a TV series that is rumored to be based on the characters of Nintendo. Other details are currently vague. Seibert only said during […]

Mourning Star: The Impact Of Celebrity Deaths

by Johnny Capson December 28, 2016
It was announced on December 27th, 2016 that Carrie Fisher had passed away. Whether they loved her work in the Star Wars movies or her talents as a writer, many have mourned and will continue to mourn her passing. Many have celebrated her memory, including our very own Peter Paltridge, who penned a lovely tribute. […]

A New Preview From Rick And Morty Season 3

by Peter Paltridgeon December 27, 2016
In these trying times, what we need most is more Rick and Morty. Unfortunately we still haven’t seen much of Season 3, and what we have seen is still in animatic and storyboard form. The following scene is no different, but it is the longest segment released yet. The clip was actually broadcast last […]

The Flashback Interview: Katie Leigh

by Johnny Capson December 26, 2016
One of the formative TV shows of my youth was Muppet Babies. The show’s mixture of animation and live-action created an imprint on me that has lasted a long time. To this day, I’m amazed at the depth and breadth of the show’s references. Another program I enjoyed watching in my youth was Dumbo’s Circus, […]

attack on titan

First Trailer For Attack On Titan Season Two

by Peter Paltridgeon December 24, 2016
However crummy your life may be, just be grateful you aren’t one of the last members of humanity, sheltered inside the walls of the last human city, due to giant weird-faced naked monsters stomping around who love to snack on people. Hey, it could happen. That’s the premise behind Attack On Titan, one of the […]

Star Wars Rebels: Video and Images for Saw Gerrera Episode

by Jeffrey Harrison December 21, 2016
Recently, Disney and Lucasfilm announced that a featured character from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would be appearing on Star Wars Rebels in Saw Gerrera. This week, Lucasfilm released a new behind the scenes video on the upcoming animated return of the character, which you can check out below. In the upcoming season three […]


Naruto Live-Action Movie? Believe It!

by Peter Paltridgeon December 20, 2016
The Hollywood studio Lionsgate is now adapting the long-running manga and anime property Naruto into a live-action film. Michael Gracey will be directing. The announcement was made at Jump Festa today and pre-production artwork was shown (which we don’t officially have yet to show). This news is bound to make anime fans cringe, what with […]