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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Confirmed Via Rating Site

by Nathan Gibsonon April 28, 2017
It looks like the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will be releasing at some point in the near future, as the bundle has been rated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in South Korea. The ratings board entry reveals that this collection will include Mega Man 7 through 10, ensuring that all of the classic […]

NES Classic Discontinued Due To Lack Of Resources At Nintendo

by Nathan Gibsonon April 28, 2017
When Nintendo recently announced that they were discontinuing the NES Classic, many within the industry where confused. After all, the console had been a huge success, selling out almost instantly and moving some 2.3 million units worldwide. The $59.99 system, which had 30 classic NES games built into it, had become so sought after that […]

Latest Humble Bundle Brings The Love For Classic Sierra Games

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2016
Recently, a huge collection of classic Sierra games, such as Police Quest and Gabriel Knight, made their way to Steam. Now players can get their hands on dozens of the titles thanks to the latest Humble Bundle. The lowest option tier, which costs just $1, gives players access to team codes for the six games […]