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SDCC 2017: Capaldi and Moffat Approve Of Jodie Whittaker Casting

by Todd Blackon July 23, 2017
This time last week, the entire world was buzzing about the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who. Some were praising the decision BBC made, while others were throwing lines like “political agenda” and other insults at the casting. Many former Doctors and companions have weighed in on this, and at […]

SDCC 2017: Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer

by Todd Blackon July 23, 2017
The Twelfth Doctor’s time is coming to an end. But before then, he must return to the beginning to find meaning in his life. Fans around the world clapped with joy when Peter Capaldi’s Doctor got to meet the 1st Doctor played by David Bradley (who takes over the role from the late William Hartnell) […]

Jodie Whittaker Is the Next Doctor Who

by Todd Blackon July 16, 2017
Yes, you saw and read that right, the 13th Doctor, the one who will replace Peter Capaldi after the Christmas Special this year is indeed a woman, a woman named Jodie Whittaker. If you don’t know her, she’s a famous British actress who has been in shows and films aplenty. Including fan-favorites like The Black […]

Humble Bundle Launches Doctor Who Audio Book Sale

by Nathan Gibsonon March 17, 2017
Fans of Doctor Who and audiobooks are in luck, as the people over at Humble Bundle have launched a new promotion in aid of the British charity Children in Need. The bundle includes a collection of stories from both Doctor Who and its spinoff Torchwood, with the audiobooks all set across different eras of the […]

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Peter Capaldi Will Leave Doctor Who

by Todd Blackon January 30, 2017
It’s a sad, yet not unexpected, day for Whovians. As today, BBC confirmed that Peter Capaldi will indeed leave the role of Doctor Who after its tenth season/series and the 2017 Christmas special. Which ironically, is where he was born as The Doctor a few years back. Why isn’t this unexpected? Well, Matt Smith only […]

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Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer Debuts

by Todd Blackon December 25, 2016
It’s a curious time in the Doctor Who Universe. Due to the Olympics, among other things, the tenth season of the show isn’t arriving until Spring. Thus, the only new episode of the series that’s coming this year is the annual Christmas special that aired today. Which won’t technically tie into the new season. However, […]

Doctor Who: New Trailer for Christmas Special

by Jeffrey Harrison December 9, 2016
BBC America this week released a new trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special. The new special episode will air on December 25 on BBC America in the United States. The new show will be a superhero-themed special, and it’s titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio. You can check out the new trailer for […]

NYCC: Doctor Who Cast Talk Diversity

by Todd Blackon October 9, 2016
At the BBC America panel, a small section was dedicated to the upcoming season Doctor Who. Stephen Moffat and new companion Pearl Mackie were on hand to answer fan questions. One fan asked about their thoughts on diversity in shows like Doctor Who: “I think that in 2016 it’s frustrating that we still have to […]

NYCC: Doctor Who Christmas Special Trailer

by Todd Blackon October 7, 2016
Alongside the debut trailer for Class, New York Comic Con also got a first look at the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special. An annual tradition for the series. Ironically enough, this will be the only new episode of Doctor Who this year, as delays behind the scenes, as well as events in the real world, […]

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NYCC: Doctor Who Spinoff Class Gets Trailer

by Todd Blackon October 7, 2016
The first official look at the Doctor Who spinoff series “Class” was debuted at New York Comic Con today. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, the trailer debut features the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, giving context to what is going to happen in the series. Albeit in a very Doctor way. “I can travel through space, […]

Twelfth Doctor’s New Sonic Screwdriver Available In US

by Grant Whiteon May 12, 2016
The sonic screwdriver has long been the Doctor’s tool of choice, a multi purpose piece of kit that boasts countless uses within its sleek form. Although the device was briefly retired for the past season to make way for the Doctor’s sonic sunglasses, a new form of the screwdriver was unveiled in the season finale […]

Pearl Mackie Announced As New ‘Doctor Who’ Companion

by Grant Whiteon April 23, 2016
A new companion is about to set foot on the greatest ship in all of time and space and now we know who. The BBC have announced that Brixton born actress Pearl Mackie will portray the brand new character Bill. The announcement comes in the form of a two minute clip as the Doctor attempts […]