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EA Sees A Drop In Its Metacritic Ranking

by Nathan Gibsonon February 27, 2018
EA has seen a dramatic drop in its Metacritic publisher ranking for 2017. The website puts together lists every year of all of the biggest publishers, putting them in order of how well their games performed in terms of reviews. This gives a good idea of how well a publisher and its titles performed over […]

New Update Ties Star Wars Battlefront II With The Last Jedi

by Peter Paltridgeon December 14, 2017
You probably knew it was coming: a brand-new story update for Star Wars Battlefront II that takes full promotional advantage of the game releasing so close to a new Star Wars movie. Locations and characters from The Last Jedi can now be experienced in the game! With this update, you’ll have the ability to play […]

The Last Jedi DLC For Star Wars Battlefront 2 Coming In December

by Nathan Gibsonon November 13, 2017
EA has revealed when The Last Jedi DLC will arrive for Star Wars Battlefront II following its release this week. The actual event will begin on December 5, with players asked to choose what side they want to be on, either the Resistance or the First Order, allowing them to unlock specific rewards up until […]

Madden 18 (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon September 9, 2017
The yearly release of Madden has become such a traditional part of gaming that many people purchase the latest game without even thinking about it. It is a franchise that has often gone through phases of very slight improvements and then major wholesale changes. This year’s Madden 18 sits comfortably in the middle, improving upon […]

EA Open To A Mass Effect Return in The Future

by Nathan Gibsonon August 24, 2017
In May of 2017 it emerged that EA was putting the Mass Effect franchise on hold. The publisher was unhappy with the performance of the recently released Mass Effect Andromeda in terms of sales, critical reception, and fan reaction. As well as scaling back developer BioWare Montreal and moving much of its staff to EA […]

Gamescom 2017: FIFA 18 Trailer

by Todd Blackon August 21, 2017
FIFA is one of the most popular sports games in the world, mainly because it’s the “Worlds’ Game” in regards to Soccer/Futbol. And every year, EA tries to make its popular title bigger and better, and FIFA 18 will be no different. As the game will not only look amazing, play amazing, and be amazing, […]

Gamescom 2017: Battlefield 1: Revolution Revealed

by Todd Blackon August 21, 2017
Battlefield 1 changed the war game franchise in many ways. But, if you haven’t gotten the chance to play it yet, you might want to try it now, as EA and DICE revealed at Gamescom 2017 that Battlefield 1: Revolution has just released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This compilation of the title brings not only […]

Gamescom 2017: Battlefield 1 Incursions Revealed

by Todd Blackon August 21, 2017
Battlefield 1 took a big risk by rewinding the clock and setting the game in World War I. But, it turned out for the best, as critics and fans have loved the fresh experience. And now, the team at DICE are working on the next expansion of that. At Gamescom 2017, Battlefield 1 Incursions was […]

Gamescom 2017: Fe Announced

by Todd Blackon August 21, 2017
At Gamescom a brand new title was revealed, it’s called Fe, and it’s coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Via Origin) and it’s from EA and Zoink. But what is Fe? Here’s the official description, as well as a trailer for it: “Climb, glide, and dig your way through a dark Nordic […]

Battlefront 2 Gets New Trailer And Details

by Todd Blackon June 11, 2017
While E3 technically hasn’t started yet, that didn’t stop Electronic Arts from unveiling a lot of games in a special event just before it, as well as going into detail about one of the most anticipated games of the the years in Star Wars Battlefront 2. DICE is once again taking us to a Galaxy […]

Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon April 13, 2017
Taking place not long after the events of the first Mass Effect game, Andromeda sees the player taking on the role one of two Ryder twins as part of the Initiative. This new mission is a plan to leave the Milky Way galaxy and colonize a new collection of planets in the Andromeda galaxy. It’s […]

New Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Leaks Early

by Nathan Gibsonon April 12, 2017
Update: EA has already begun taking down the leaked trailer from sites. It was only revealed in the past few weeks that Star Wars Battlefront II would be releasing this year, though, very little other information about the DICE developed game was given out by EA. Announcing the game for release later this year, EA […]