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Google Indie Game Festival

Google To Launch Indie Game Festival

by Authoron July 24, 2016
Google is hoping to lure more indie game developers to its platforms with an upcoming festival in San Francisco. Called simply the Indie Games Festival, the event takes place on September 24th, and Google is currently taking submissions for games that will be featured. Submissions are open to developers in the US and Canada with a […]

SDCC 2016: Google Creates Bubble Zoom Feature For Books

by Todd Blackon July 21, 2016
Despite the world claiming that digital comics are the future, there is an inherent downside to reading comics on digital platforms. If you’re not on a computer or decent sized tablet, the text of the comics can be very hard to read. At San Diego Comic Con, Google unveiled the Bubble Zoom feature for their […]

You Can Now Play Pac-Man On Google Maps

by Peter Paltridgeon March 31, 2015
Google’s April Fools gag for 2015 has launched a day early, because it was just too good to keep under wraps. If you surf over to Google Maps and zoom into a major city, you may find a Pac-Man button on the lower left side of your screen. Select it, and the map turns into […]

Pokémon Masters Officially Certified by Google

by Lawrence Chanon June 18, 2014
Earlier this year on April Fools’ Day 2014, Google unleashed 151 Pokémon on its Google Maps site and challenged the world over to find and capture the pocket monsters, with the promise of a job opportunity under the title of “Pokémon Master.” While most people were probably amused by the sudden invasion of Google Maps and may […]

Twitch Logo

Reports Claim Google To Buy Twitch

by Nathan Gibsonon May 19, 2014
A number of outlets are reporting that Google are in the process of buying the popular streaming platform Twitch. Sources are claiming that a $1 billion price tag has already been agreed, with Google’s YouTube division taking charge of the deal. The platform launched in 2011 when it was spun-off from due to the […]

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Is PlayStation teasing a new Ratchet & Clank game, or a PS4 release date?

by Craig Reynoldson July 10, 2013
If you happen to follow @PlayStation on Twitter, you might have seen the “When Worlds Collide” image above Tweeted around 16:30 GMT yesterday. Like all good teasers, the possibilities behind its meaning are many, but IGN contributor and The Gamer’s Advocate co-host Adam Bankhurst believes it could signify the awaited return of galactic duo Ratchet and Clank.

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Google Going into Gaming

by KMilleron June 28, 2013
When the vision of a low-cost, flexible gaming console open to anyone who with a dream of developing, a large number of people flocked to stand behind it.  It brought about the birth of the Ouya, the Android-based, hackable bit of hand-sized hardware that was released this week with reasonable success.  Though the Ouya itself […]

Some Thoughts On Google Reader’s Impending Death

by Karl Olsonon March 14, 2013
With out much fanfare, and in spite of the fact that Google has various other vestigial services and products that haven’t gained any mainstream adoption or traction (Google+ is being crushed by Tumblr for coolness, and on that note, why isn’t Orkut jammed into Google+ yet?) the company has decided to kill one of my […]

Google Nexus Q Review – Unconventional But Awesome

by Karl Olsonon August 10, 2012
The Nexus Q is (or should I was say was) going to definitely be a bit of an unexpected entry from Google. For all of the other leaks that were coming out ahead of Google IO, information about a Google-made media streamer was absent until the morning of it’s announcement. With it’s eye-catching design, robust […]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review: Not For Me, But Maybe For You

by Karl Olsonon July 3, 2012
Allow me to start by saying I know I am painfully lucky to have my geeky hands on this device. Getting tickets to Google IO took staying up all night, and even they sold out in a mere 5 minutes, in spite of doubling the price for attendance. Yet, personally, I’ve never really had much […]

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SoulCalibur V Goes Gold, Launches January 31st

by 1Robert Strickon January 4, 2012
The world’s legions of SOULCALIBUR fans came an important step closer to fight glory today, as NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe announced that Project Soul has completed development on SOULCALIBUR™V for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®.  Set in a new era 17 years on from its predecessor and loaded with new game features, including the guest appearance […]

EA, Nintendo, and Sony – Don’t do this – Revoke your Support of SOPA

by 1Robert Strickon December 17, 2011
Rushed products, online passes, and now this shit. If you’ve been living under a rock a bill called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) has been introduced into the United States House of Representatives with the aim at providing a critical strike to piracy. Unfortunately, like most legislation today, it’s poorly written and could and probably […]