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Papers, Please Short Film Releases Online

by Nathan Gibsonon February 24, 2018
Anyone who has followed indie games over the past few years has probably come across the highly acclaimed Papers, Please. The dystopian puzzler saw players manning a border control point where they would process the documents of immigrants and visitors into the fictional country of Arstotzka. It was a dark, and yet, thrilling game that […]


This Man Coded An Entire New Sega Genesis Game From Scratch

by Peter Paltridgeon February 11, 2018
Many, many indie developers have used the games they grew up with as kids to inspire their own retro-stylized games, but these are usually built on modern hardware. As simple as the games appear, coding them into existence was much harder back when 8 and 16-bit consoles were new and the methods of creating a […]

Dungeon Stars

Two Indie Studios Join Forces To Release Dungeon Stars

by Peter Paltridgeon February 7, 2018
Two indie studios, Riposte Games (whose past credits include Mini Guns) and Furnace Games (known for Dungeon Boss and Castleville), have signed a partnership agreement to boost the production and distribution of their upcoming titles. “We just upped the ante, dramatically”, brags Johan Eile, CEO of Riposte Games, “With this deal we have added Editors Choice […]

Dungeon Stars

Riposte Games And Co Partnering With Furnace Games For Dungeon Stars

by Todd Blackon February 6, 2018
In the video game industry, it’s not uncommon for development teams to work together to create something special. And today, two indie developers have revealed that they’re teaming up to make a game called Dungeon Stars. “Riposte Games & Co, the developer behind smash hit Mini Guns and Dallas based Furnace Games, spearheaded by industry […]

martial arts kid 2

The Martial Arts Kid 2: Payback Campaign Live On Indiegogo

by Peter Paltridgeon January 15, 2018
A couple years back, kickboxing champion Don Wilson created The Martial Arts Kid, a family film about the dangers of bullying. It was a completely independent production financed through crowdfunding. The finished product ended up being a success, and Wilson is about to follow it up with The Martial Arts Kid 2: Payback! In the […]

Phantom Breaker

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive Arrives On Switch

by Todd Blackon December 7, 2017
Well, chalk up another win for the Nintendo Switch, for yet another hit indie game has decided to port itself over to the system in order to reach even more fans. With that, MAGES. Inc. are pleased to announce that “Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive” will be available today on the Switch via the Nintendo eShop. […]

Crab War

Crab War 2.0 Releases Tomorrow, Brings Big Changes

by Todd Blackon October 26, 2017
Crab War is a hit mobile game, and in fact, it’s gotten over 1 million players on it. But tomorrow, a big update for the game is coming. One that brings new content, leagues, and more. Check out the full info below: The biggest update to hit Crab War since the Gene Tree and Gene […]


Hit Indie Game Sheltered Arrives On Mobile

by Todd Blackon October 25, 2017
Today, award-winning international games label Team17 and developer Unicube announced that Sheltered, the post-apocalyptic survival game is releasing on mobile platforms. You’ve survived (or probably perished) on PC and console, now it’s time to face the apocalypse from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Sheltered is a game that gives a whole new meaning […]


Splasher Coming To Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon October 19, 2017
The Nintendo Switch has been getting a lot of support from indie developers. And it’s honestly not too surprising. Why? Because the “Nindies” as they are called are doing extremely well sales wise on the Switch compared to other consoles. And now, another title has made it known that they’re coming to the Switch. The […]


Shiny, The First Brazilian Unreal Engine Game, Has Launched On Xbox One

by Todd Blackon October 11, 2017
Gaming is a global business. Yes, there are key places in the industry, but video games are made in countries all over the world. And today, Brazil got to do something it never did before, it released a game that was made on the Unreal Engine, and it launched on the Xbox One. This is […]


Indie Platformer Splasher Available Now

by Todd Blackon September 27, 2017
Game publisher Playdius and the Splashteam are thrilled to announce the release of the fast-paced platformer Splasher on home consoles. Set in a crazy cartoon universe, Splasher is a 2D splatformer with unique arcade/action gameplay. Armed with a splatter cannon, a purple haired young hero launches an attack on a paint factory in order to […]

Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon September 18, 2017
Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator is one of those rare breed of games that is not only attempting to be enjoyable to play but also funny. It is a difficult balance that very few titles have ever managed to achieve. Yet, that has stopped Vile Monarch from attempting to do exactly that in the form of […]