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NYCC 2017: Inhumans “Judgement Day” Coming

by Todd Blackon October 7, 2017
To the joy (and chagrin) of many Marvel fans, the Inhumans have had a major uprising in terms of comic presence over the last few years. There are Inhumans on the Avengers, the Inhumans were a major part of not one but two major Marvel events in Infinity and IVX, and they have multiple comics […]

Inhumans May be In Deep Trouble At ABC

by Todd Blackon September 7, 2017
So let’s recap, shall we? A couple years back, Marvel unveiled their slate for Phase 3 films, one of them was the Inhumans. But then, during Agents of Shield (a TV series connected to the MCU), the Inhumans were brought in, including the reveal of major Inhuman Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. This made many wonder […]

Black Bolt Will Have Way To Speak In Inhumans

by Todd Blackon August 30, 2017
The Inhumans are a very unique set of beings in the Marvel Universe. They posses powers based on both their genes and a unique substance called Terrigen. What’s more, their leader is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe because he can emit sound waves so powerful that a single whisper can […]

SDCC 2017: Inhumans Gets Panel And New Trailer

by Todd Blackon July 20, 2017
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding, what started with movies, soon grew to include TV shows, and then Netflix series, and now, an IMAX event via Inhumans. Now, technically there are already Inhumans in the MCU via the recent events of Agents of Shield, but this new event which will lead into a TV […]

The First Inhumans Teaser Trailer Is Out

by Peter Paltridgeon May 5, 2017
ABC and Marvel have followed up yesterday’s reveal of what the Inhumans look like with what they sound like. This short 30-second teaser trailer doesn’t contain anything more than some quotes and a logo, but I suppose they’re still working on the special effects. That hair is tricky, I heard. If you think you hear […]

Marvel’s Inhumans Cast Photo Released

by Peter Paltridgeon May 4, 2017
Yesterday Hulu released their first image of the new Marvel show they have under production, Runaways. Not about to be upstaged, TV network ABC said “hey, we’ve got our own new Marvel show in production too! So take THIS!” and released the first image for Inhumans, now confirmed to begin airing this fall. This image […]

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Marvel’s Inhumans: Serinda Swan Is Medusa

by Jeffrey Harrison March 2, 2017
Marvel Studios has officially revealed the latest star of the upcoming TV show, Marvel’s Inhumans. Graceland star Serinda Swan has been cast in the role of the Queen of Attilan, Medusa. In the series and Marvel Comics lore, Medusa is the Queen of the Inhumans and the wife of the Inhuman king, Black Bolt. Medusa is […]

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Inhumans TV Characters Get Breakdown

by Todd Blackon January 13, 2017
The Marvel Inhumans TV series is a bit of an odd duck. It’s going to debut in theaters, and either will or won’t tie into the Inhumans arc that Agents of Shield has. It’s weird, but, many are excited. And today, a casting call for the main characters of the series was apparently leaked, and […]

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The Inhumans TV Series Confirmed for 2017

by Jeffrey Harrison November 14, 2016
It’s official. The Inhumans will no longer be getting a movie. Marvel Entertainment and ABC Television Group announced today that The Inhumans, which was previously in development as a Marvel Studios theatrical feature, will instead be getting an ongoing TV series for ABC. However, there is a bit of a catch here. The first two episodes […]

SDCC 2016: Inhumans and X-Men Go To War

by Todd Blackon July 23, 2016
In the aftermath of the Secret Wars story, much has changed. One of the key changes though is that the X-Men are once again on the edge of extinction. This time though, it’s because of the Terrigen Mists, which are spreading throughout the world, sterilizing, and sometimes poisoning, any X-Men it touches. Because of this, […]

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Inhumans Movie Loses Release Date

by Todd Blackon April 24, 2016
It’s a curious time for the Inhumans movie. While initially a part of Marvel’s “Phase 3”, several things have caused many to wonder if the movie will come out at all. Including have its release date pushed back twice, and the inclusion of Inhumasn on Marvel’s Agents Of Shield. Now, Deadline is reporting that not […]

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Uncanny Inhumans: Charles Soule and Steve McNiven Lead New Book This Fall

by Jeffrey Harrison June 26, 2015
Marvel Comics has officially announced a new book starring the Inhumans which will debut with the revamped Marvel Universe later this fall. The new relaunched Inhumans series, Uncanny Inhumans, will feature the creative team of writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven, the same team behind the Death of Wolverine story. The roster will feature Black […]