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Dark Souls Vinyl Coming To Europe

by Nathan Gibsonon July 27, 2017
Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco is releasing a limited edition vinyl set of the franchise’s distinctive soundtrack. Known as the Age of Fire collection, it will arrive in autumn, however, there will only be 2,000 copies manufactured. The set will include music from across all three games and will comprise of nine separate records. The […]

Superbeat: Xonic (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon June 30, 2017
Superbeat: Xonic is a music rhythm game with a difference. Developed by a group of designers who have previously worked at Pentavision on the DJMax franchise, it focuses on a rather distinctive circular based system for hitting notes in time with the music. While this helps it stand out from the likes of Rock band […]

Rock Band VR Launching In March

by Nathan Gibsonon February 8, 2017
While PC players were left without the prospect of getting their hands on Rock Band 4 following an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign by Harmonix, those with VR hardware will be able to rock out with plastic instruments in the very near future. Rock Band VR is a title developed by the studio that is set to […]


AKIHABARA to come to iOS, Android, and Steam

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2017
Japanese music rhythm game AKIHABARA: FEEL THE RHYTHM is crossing the ocean to come to iOS, Android, and Steam on January 26th. In the game, you’ll take a musical journey with Callie through the iconic Akihabara district as you groove to the beats and match icons on a grid. You’ll time your actions to the rhythm […]

Utada Hikaru Working On Kingdom Hearts III Soundtrack

by Nathan Gibsonon December 23, 2016
Musical superstar Utada Hikaru is working on music for Kingdom Hearts III, confirming that at least one song from the artist will appear on the soundtrack for the game. The Japanese-American singer and songwriter became a hit in 1999 when she released the Japanese language album First Love. It sold more than eight million copies […]

Rock Band Rivals (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon November 17, 2016
The return of the Rock Band series last year, alongside the latest Guitar Hero, heralded the return of the music genre that was once a billion dollar industry. However, the bottom soon fell out of the plastic instrument market thanks to oversaturation. With new releases coming at a rate of more than one a year, […]

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Release

by Nathan Gibsonon October 31, 2016
The soundtrack to the hit indie platformer Shovel Knight is set to be released on vinyl. The Double-LP Blue Vinyl, which features every song from the game, is available to pre-order right now from BigWax. The special edition offering also comes with some additional content that should make the purchase even more special for fans […]

ferris bueller

The Ferris Bueller Soundtrack Has Never Been Released — Until Now

by Peter Paltridgeon September 7, 2016
It sounds hard to believe, but in the 30 years since its opening weekend, there’s never been an official soundtrack release for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. John Hughes himself stood in the way, believing such a disc to be unprofitable. “I mean, would kids want “Danke Schöen” and “Oh Yeah” on the same record?” he […]

Pop Geeks’ Flashback Interview: Debbie Gibson

by Johnny Capson August 18, 2016
(Cover photo courtesy of As a young 80s fan in the late 90s and early 00s, one of the artists whose work spoke to me was Debbie Gibson. Ballads like “Foolish Beat” and “Lost In Your Eyes”, upbeat tracks like “Shake Your Love” and “Electric Youth”…These were songs that inspired me and cheered me […]

Pop Geeks’ Flashback Interview: Max Wasa

by Johnny Capson May 17, 2016
I first came to know of Max Wasa when I recorded the Andy Sidaris movie Savage Beach off of Cinemax one evening. Years later, when I saw that she was going to be doing a horror movie that was to be directed by another one of my Facebook friends, I knew that I had to […]

Long Live Prince: Remembering A Musical Icon

by Johnny Capson April 25, 2016
Thursday, April 21st, was a day that shocked music lovers around the world. On that day, Prince, the Grammy-and-Oscar-winning singer and composer, was found dead at his Paisley Park estate. Tributes immediately started pouring in from all over the globe, and Facebook became loaded with memories of his music, his concerts and interactions with him. […]

Pop Geeks’ Flashback Interview: Kat Kramer

by Johnny Capson January 20, 2016
I first came to know Kat Kramer when she sent me a friend request after reading my praise of Lily Tomlin’s work in Grandma on Sondra Currie’s Facebook page about two months or so ago. Kat Kramer, also known as Katharine Kramer, is Hollywood royalty. The daughter of the late filmmaker Stanley Kramer and the […]