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donkey kong

E3 2018: Original Donkey Kong Gets Surprise Switch Release

by Peter Paltridgeon June 15, 2018
Donkey Kong is back pounding girders, and Mario is a carpenter named Jumpman once again! The game that put Nintendo and Miyamoto on the map is finally officially available on Switch, in its original form! No, it’s never truly happened before. Ports of Donkey Kong released for earlier Nintendo systems were missing the Pie Factory […]

Nintendo Direct e# 2018

Nintendo Overview

by Justin Jon June 13, 2018
While Nintendo’s Direct was a Smash Fest, there were treats to be had. The last of the big three companies had their presentation. Nintendo while focusing on Smash Bros in the second half of their Direct which can be found here. However we were given some announcements and details of other games. A few new […]

Smash Bros Ultimate details

Smash Bros Details out of E3

by Justin Jon June 13, 2018
Nintendo showcased the new installment of Smash Bros and gave us a lot to look forward to   This year’s Nintendo Direct gave us an in depth look at the new Smash Bros which has been officially titled Smash Bros Ultimate. From tweaks to the game, characters, and more. They gave it the spotlight for […]


Award-Winning Indie Game Icey Has Arrived On Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon May 31, 2018
Indie games are a vital part of the industry nowadays, every console has them, and via Steam, PC gamers can get in on the action. It’s hard to make a video game, and for indie teams, getting success can be even harder. So when a game does really well, we celebrate it. Such is the […]


This Is A Super NES Game, Running On An NES

by Peter Paltridgeon May 31, 2018
Hacker Tom Murphy has pulled off the unthinkable: he’s gotten Super Mario World, a Super NES game, to run on an NES console — a real one. How’d he pull it off? Did he cheat? …..Yeah, kinda — but it still took significant effort to get to the point where he could cheat. The NES […]

mega man 11

Mega Man 11 Coming October 2 To Switch

by Peter Paltridgeon May 30, 2018
Now that you’ve all had a nostalgia blast with the first ten Mega Man games in one Switch package, you may be hungry for something new. Capcom’s got you covered. Presenting Mega Man 11, a sequel ten years in the making (probably not really). We’ll let you guess what the plot is this time — […]

nes classic

NES Classic Returns To Stores June 29

by Peter Paltridgeon May 14, 2018
Back when Nintendo was blindsided by the success of the NES and SNES Classic Editions, they announced that not only would the SNES Classic stay in production but the NES Classic would make a return that summer. We’re now very close to “that summer” and we should be hearing the specific date right about… Yup, […]

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Comes To Switch August 28

by Peter Paltridgeon May 11, 2018
For some reason, Capcom gives Nintendo different Monster Hunter games than everybody else. The original Monster Hunter Generations was a 3DS exclusive. Then came the best-selling Monster Hunter World on PS4, for all major platforms — except the ones with Nintendo branding on them. Now the Switch remake of Generations has been confirmed for the […]

switch adjustable charging stand

Introducing The Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

by Peter Paltridgeon May 10, 2018
Slowly but surely, Nintendo is correcting some of the errors it made in the Switch’s first few months. We’ve been promised cloud saving storage is on the way, and now comes word of a method of playing the machine while charging it at the same time. To illustrate the problem: What if you want to […]

virtual console

Nintendo Confirms Virtual Console Is Dead

by Peter Paltridgeon May 8, 2018
Still waiting for Virtual Console to come to Switch? Ah, we got some bad news….this may be just confirming what most of us were figuring by this point, but Nintendo put in writing today that they have no plans to establish a Virtual Console service on Switch. “[We have] no plans to bring classic games […]

Nintendo Switch Paid Services

Nintendo Online Has Release Date

by Justin Jon May 7, 2018
Nintendo’s Online Service has launch date and new details. It was announced earlier this year that Nintendo would be offering a paid service and there was little info until now. We will be seeing this new service in September of 2018 and will be getting some new stuff alongside online play. Features that have been […]

e3 schedule

Nintendo’s E3 Schedule Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon April 27, 2018
Nintendo was unexpectedly the first of the Big Three game companies to reveal their full schedule for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. It doesn’t give specifics, but the vague outline sounds promising. For one thing, the festivities will begin one day early! E3 doesn’t commence until June 12, but on June 11, Nintendo will be […]