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Ace Attorney Creator Talks Coming Up With Characters

by Todd Blackon November 18, 2017
The Ace Attorney series is one of the most fan-beloved game franchises out there. Between its quirky characters, it insane cases, and moral messages, it’s captured the hearts of many. So much so that Capcom has revealed that the series will be coming the Nintendo Switch, potentially next year. One of the series entries, Apollo […]

Phantom Breaker

Phantom Breaker: Battle Ground Overdrive Coming To Switch Dec. 7th

by Todd Blackon November 15, 2017
The hits just keep on coming for Nintendo and their latest console. For now another title is making its way to the Switch. Toyoki Ohta, Game Operation Brand: 5pb) are pleased to announce that they will be releasing their popular action game “Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive” for Nintendo Switch worldwide on December 7, 2017. Phantom Breaker: Battle […]


Rime Arrives On Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon November 14, 2017
Grey Box and Six Foot have launched RiME, the captivating puzzle adventure game from independent developer Tequila Works, on Nintendo Switch™. Developed with support from Tantalus Media, it is available via the Nintendo eShop today in North America and on Nov. 17 in Europe for $29.99 / €34.99 / £29.99. A special physical edition of RiME, containing […]


Nintendo Switch Now Has Hulu

by Peter Paltridgeon November 11, 2017
One of the chief complaints thrown at Nintendo’s Switch when it launched last March was the complete lack of streaming apps. By 2017 we’ve gotten used to our toys just having things like that built in; heck, the Wii U launched with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon ready to go. We may never know the reason […]


Nintendo Switch Now Supports Gamecube Controllers

by Peter Paltridgeon October 24, 2017
Nintendo’s 4.0 Switch firmware update was a classic example of the company almost pleasing its fans but missing the basket. People asked for the ability to capture video and send it to social media (like Nintendo’s competition lets you do). Nintendo gave them thirty seconds of material to work with. People asked for the ability […]

Barely Anyone At Nintendo Thought The NES Classic Would Succeed

by Peter Paltridgeon October 23, 2017
According to a new interview in last week’s Famitsu (translated by Nintendo Everything), barely anyone at Nintendo’s Japanese HQ thought making a miniature “classic” edition of their earliest console was a good idea. Only the manager of their sales department (who is only identified in the article as “Yomato”) had a passion for the plan. […]


Syberia 1 and 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon October 20, 2017
Just when you think no more indie games could come to the Nintendo Switch, another announcement gets made. For Microids, an international multiplatform video game publisher, announced that Syberia 1 will be released today for the Nintendo Switch and available from the Nintendo eShop, Microïds is also pleased to announce at the same time Syberia […]


Splasher Coming To Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon October 19, 2017
The Nintendo Switch has been getting a lot of support from indie developers. And it’s honestly not too surprising. Why? Because the “Nindies” as they are called are doing extremely well sales wise on the Switch compared to other consoles. And now, another title has made it known that they’re coming to the Switch. The […]

Super Mario Odyssey Gets Music Video Commercial

by Todd Blackon October 11, 2017
It was clear from the beginning that Super Mario Odyssey was meant to be something very special. A successor to main of the best Mario games, and one that hasn’t gotten the credit it deserves in Super Mario Sunshine. Regardless, by the time the game hit the floor of E3, fans had an appreciation for […]

game boy

Nintendo Files Mysterious “Game Boy” Trademark

by Peter Paltridgeon October 10, 2017
Nintendo has filed a trademark for a design suggesting a new product that looks awfully like an old product. The trademarked image, caught by ANN, is clearly that of the classic Game Boy. The registry mentions potential uses like “Programs for household video game machines” and “Household video games” as well as “Key chains,” “Bag […]

snes classic

Inside The SNES Classic Rests…An NES Classic

by Peter Paltridgeon September 29, 2017
Today, September 29, is the day the SNES Classic was released, and unlike other unmentionable “brand X” websites, we aren’t going to preface this news story with the assumption that you found one. As this weary reporter knows all too well the pain of getting up at an ungodly hour, racing to Target, and finding […]

Pankapu Has Arrived For Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon September 28, 2017
The Nintendo Switch is easily the most popular console on the market right now (yes, that includes the about to be released SNES Classic), and as such developers of all kinds are releasing their games on the system, regardless of whether they’re ports, pure titles, or indie titles. Another such game has launched on the […]