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Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris Return To Destiny PvP

by Nathan Gibsonon October 2, 2015
Bungie has revealed in its latest Weekly Update that two of Destiny’s biggest multiplayer events are returning to the game this month, along with a host of changes to both modes. Iron Banner is set to return for PvP players on October 13, but it has seen significant alterations due to the fact that the […]

E3 2013: welcome to the PlayStation 4 user interface

by Craig Reynoldson June 11, 2013
Curious about how the PlayStation 4’s user interface will work? Want to see how all of those unifying functions Sony spokespersons have been talking about work? Then allow us to present the PS4 UI Overview promo, delivered at E3 earlier today.


DC Universe Online – New Legendary Access Level Benefits

by Dean Amondon March 29, 2012
Pay more to get more in DC Universe Online as the $15 Legendary level gets some enticing new perks.

Ubisoft Will Suppport Wii U’s Online Strategy

by Andy Whitefieldon March 27, 2012
See what Ubisoft’s digital boss Chris Early had to say about Nintendo’s online strategy…

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Uncharted 3 New Upcoming Multiplayer Map Screens

by Jameson March 19, 2012
Some brand new Uncharted 3 screens have been released showcasing an upcoming map, which we presume is the Docks.

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New ‘Ghost Recon: Online’ Details, In-Game Purchases, Tablet Usage

by Andy Whitefieldon March 19, 2012
Some exciting new details have emerged about what Ubisoft are incorporating into the Wii U version of Ghost Recon: Online…

New ‘Ghost Recon: Online’ Trailer

by Andy Whitefieldon March 1, 2012
Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Ghost Recon: Online, the free-to-play title launching on PC and Wii U later this year…

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AT&T and SCEA Announce Pricing for Vita 3G Data Plans

by Dean Amondon January 9, 2012
AT&T and SCEA have finally announced the amount of cash you’ll have to drop to game online on the go with Sony’s newest handheld with a couple different options.

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New Mario Kart 7 Online Details

by Andy Whitefieldon November 17, 2011
Several new and interesting nuggets of information regarding Nintendo’s online strategy for Mario Kart 7 have emerged, have they finally learned?

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EA: Wii U Is “A Very Exciting Machine”, Features “Extensive Online”

by Andy Whitefieldon November 9, 2011
Sounds like EA are really behind the Wii U…

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Nintendo Announces Another 3DS Conference!…

by Andy Whitefieldon October 19, 2011
…And its this Friday!….

Dragon Quest X: The Five Races Online

by Andy Whitefieldon September 5, 2011
Square-Enix today held a press-conference for all things Dragon Quest, hit the jump for the full scoop…