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The Flashback Interview: Mickie McGowan

by Johnny Capson December 26, 2017
The name Mickie McGowan may not be familiar to you, but you’ve certainly heard her voice before, or at least those of the talents she’s gathered together when doing ADR casting for films from the 80s to the modern day. I first came to know of Mickie McGowan via seeing her posts on the Facebook […]

Incredibles 2 Gets More Details

by Todd Blackon July 15, 2017
Of all the Pixar films, The Incredibles is arguably one of the most popular, and it’s also the one that many have wanted a sequel for for years. Well, it’s finally coming in 2018. And at D23, we got some more information on it from Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter. Who noted that the sequel […]

Coco: New Trailer for Pixar’s Next Film

by Jeffrey Harrison June 7, 2017
Walt Disney Studios and Pixar today released the newest trailer for the next upcoming Pixar CG animated feature, Coco. You can check out the new trailer for Coco in the player below. The film is due out in theaters later this November. The new film is inspired by by El Dia de los Muertoes, or […]

Coco: Full Cast and Character Profiles

by Jeffrey Harrison June 6, 2017
Walt Disney Studios and Pixar released a number of new details along with the full cast for the next potential Pixar animated masterpiece, Coco. You can check out the full cast list and profiles for the characters below, along with a new poster image. The film is described as “multi-generational story about the power of […]

This Is Our First Glimpse At Cars 3, And….Wow

by Peter Paltridgeon November 21, 2016
This weekend the first teaser trailer for Cars 3 will make its big-screen debut in front of Moana, but you don’t have to wait — it’s been put online ahead of time. “So how juvenile and uninspired will THIS one be?” you might be saying sarcastically. Just…trust us and watch this. So, um..yeah. Get ready […]

The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 Pushed Ahead to 2018

by Jeffrey Harrison October 28, 2016
Fans of Disney and Pixar’s 2004 hit film, The Incredibles, have been waiting for a sequel for a long time; for over 12 years. However, the wait for the recently announced sequel recently got a lot shorter. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Walt Disney Studios has changed the release date for the planned sequel. The […]

Pixar Going Back To “Original Stories” After 2019

by Todd Blackon July 4, 2016
Pixar is one of the most beloved movie studios of all time. Mainly because of their ability to craft stories that resound with children and adults alike. To this day, they have had a near perfect record when it comes to box office hits. This is compounded by the recent release Finding Dory, which has […]

Finding Dory

Finding Dory: First Trailer for Finding Nemo Sequel is Here

by Jeffrey Harrison November 10, 2015
Walt Disney Studios and Pixar have finally released the first trailer for the highly-anticipated and long awaited sequel to the 2003 smash hit Finding Nemo, dubbed Finding Dory. You can check out the trailer for the film, which puts Dory on an adventure to find her long, lost parents in the player below. In the […]

Sanjay’s Super Team: Sneak Peak at Pixar’s Next Animated Short Film

by Jeffrey Harrison October 16, 2015
Disney and Pixar have released some new details, still shots and a clip for the next CG animated short for Pixar, Sanjay’s Super Team. You can check out the new clips and images below (courtesy of Walt Disney Studios). This will be the new short film debuting with Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur next month. This […]

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4: New Plot and Production Details Revealed at D23 Expo

by Jeffrey Harrison August 15, 2015
November 2015 will mark the 20th anniversary of Pixar’s Toy Story, the first feature-length CG animated movie. Toy Story was a groundbreaking film not just for its technology but for its great storytelling, endearing characters and universal emotional arcs. At this year’s D23 Expo, during the Walt Disney Animation/Pixar Animation Panel, Walt Disney Animation and […]

The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur: New Trailer Released for Pixar’s Next Feature

by Jeffrey Harrison July 21, 2015
Disney and Pixar have released the latest full trailer for Pixar’s next upcoming CG animated feature The Good Dinosaur. You can check out the new trailer in the player below. The new video offers a better look at the story, since it has gone through some significant changes after the project’s initial reveal at D23 […]

A Guide To Inside Out’s Easter Eggs

by Peter Paltridgeon June 28, 2015
As any fan of Pixar knows, they love hiding little allusions and references in their movies that only the sharpest-eyed viewers will sometimes catch. Inside Out is no exception; in fact, if the list in Yahoo Movies is accurate, there might be more easter eggs in this movie than any the studio has made recently. […]