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Paradox Set To Bring Cities: Skylines And Pillars Of Eternity To Consoles

by Nathan Gibsonon June 21, 2017
Paradox Interactive are set to bring two previously PC exclusive games to console later this year. Role-playing game Pillars of Eternity and the city building simulator Cities: Skylines will both be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is set to launch on both consoles on August 29. This version […]

sonic mania

Sonic Mania Will Be Out August 15

by Peter Paltridgeon May 30, 2017
Sega has decided to leap ahead of E3 and announce the solid release date for Sonic Mania, their throwback 2D Sonic game. The company says it’s recommitted itself to improving the Sonic brand and releasing better games….but they’ve said that before. It’s hard to mess up the basic formula of an oldschool Sonic game, though […]

FMV Game Night Trap To Be Re-Released

by Nathan Gibsonon April 26, 2017
In a move that has surprised the entire industry, Night Trap is set to be released later this spring for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Releasing as a 25th Anniversary Edition, it will also get a physical edition for the PS4 thanks to Limited Run Games, which will come complete with three separate covers […]

Yakuza Kiwami Coming To PlayStation 4 This August

by Nathan Gibsonon April 12, 2017
Sega has announced that they are set to release Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the 2005 game Yakuza, on PlayStation 4 in Europe and North America this August. “Rebuilt from the ground up” with new graphics and audio as well as technical improvements, the game will release on August 29 and be available at a […]


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Launching Beta On PlayStation 4

by Nathan Gibsonon March 30, 2017
Although Gwent: The Witcher Card Game has been available through a beta program on both PC and Xbox One for several months, PlayStation 4 players will be able to get their hands on the title for the first time this weekend. Announcing the launch of a technical beta for this weekend, CD Projekt Red confirmed […]

Rain World Comes To PS4 In Two Weeks

by Peter Paltridgeon March 14, 2017
In a fortnight, Rain World will be upon us. The 2D exploration/survival game from Videocult and Adult Swim Games casts you as a mutant animal in a land of mutant animals. They don’t call it “Rain World” for nothing — a big storm is coming and you’ve got to run, climb, hide and hunt to […]

axiom verge

Axiom Verge To Be Published On Disc With Bonus Features

by Peter Paltridgeon February 24, 2017
Remember Axiom Verge? It’s a sidescrolling exploration game heavily inspired by Metroid that won the hearts of critics everywhere in 2015. It’s a game so good, you could buy it twice. Now you should give that thought serious consideration, as a version for your shelf will be released soon. The physical version of Axiom Verge […]

pixel noir

Pixel Noir: When Retro Gets Hard-Boiled

by Peter Paltridgeon February 21, 2017
Indie developers BadLand Games and SWDTech Games have been working on a different kind of retro-visual game for the past six years. Titled Pixel Noir, it’s an RPG that avoids all the typical RPG cliches by casting itself in a new genre: the opposite of fantasy, detective noir. Pixel Noir puts you in the shoes […]

puyo puyo tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris Cutes Up Your Living Room April 28

by Peter Paltridgeon February 8, 2017
The new Mario and Zelda titles took up the bulk of media attention during last month’s Nintendo Switch reveal, but there was enthusiasm among fans for the first glimpses of something that combined two classic puzzlers together. Now Sega has announced a release date for Puyo Puyo Tetris, and it’s coming to PS4 as well […]

Coming up in Gaming – February 2017

by Nathan Gibsonon January 31, 2017
The time after Christmas is not traditionally a big boom for the video game industry. Most of the biggest releases have come out in the preceding months in the run-up to the holiday period and the next instalment of AAA games does not normally hit until the beginning of Spring. That doesn’t mean there aren’t […]

double dragon

Surprise — There’s About To Be A Double Dragon IV

by Peter Paltridgeon December 26, 2016
One of the most popular games of the NES era was the trilogy of brawlers known as Double Dragon. Billy and Jimmy bashed heads through three games, got their own merchandise line, and even received their own lousy syndicated cartoon. Strangely, unlike just about every other franchise that made it big on Nintendo’s first system, […]


Yooka-Laylee’s Release Date, A New Trailer And More

by Peter Paltridgeon December 13, 2016
Playtonic Games, crafters of the crowdfunded Banjo-Kazooie love letter known as Yooka-Laylee, have just dropped the announcement everybody’s been waiting for….the game is nearly complete and we have a release date! You’ll be able to hop and bop with a lizard and bat April 11, 2017..for just $39.99! (This is the preorder price; it may […]