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The Flashback Interview: Debra Lamb

by Johnny Capson September 3, 2017
(Cover photo by David Hauser) It was a pretty boring Summer, with the occasional rough patch at work, but some nice things happened during the season. One of them was my next interview. My first exposure to Debra Lamb came when I purchased the 1987 movie “Stripped To Kill” on DVD. Ms. Lamb’s dancing stood […]

The Flashback Interview: Galyn Görg

by Johnny Capson January 2, 2017
In November, I reached out to actress and dancer Galyn Görg about an interview. Galyn Görg is a versatile talent as both an actress and a dancer, and she had achieved fame on two continents. In America, she appeared in music videos for talents like Lionel Richie, ZZ Top and The Jacksons, and has made […]