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Sega Forever Brings Classic Games To Mobile Devices With Free-To-Play Model

by Nathan Gibsonon June 21, 2017
If you have ever wanted to play Sega’s entire collection of game’s on your mobile device then you are in luck. The publisher has made almost its entire classic collection of games, ranging from their very first offerings to titles from the Dreamcast. The current lineup of titles includes a range of games from the […]

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Man Who Invented The Term “Blast Processing” Offers Public Apology

by Peter Paltridgeon November 21, 2015
Go Nintendo got ahold of former Sega of America senior producer Scott Bayless, the man who first came up with the marketing term “Blast Processing.” Sega would then use it in its promotional campaign extensively, bragging that this vague term somehow made the Genesis better than the SNES, like so: As Scott tells it, Blast […]

Armed with Controllers plays: Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

by Craig Reynoldson September 13, 2013
Armed with Controllers’ KB and Stapesy are back for our Friday feature to play one of the most peculiar side-scrolling beat ‘em ups ever made.

Animated Short: Iron Man in 60 Seconds

by Eileen Cruzon June 23, 2013
As part of their 8-bit Cinema feature, Cinefix recently created a short in which they retold the events of the original Iron Man film in the 8-bit style of Mega Man. Here for your viewing pleasure is Iron Man in 60 Seconds. For more information on 8-bit Cinefix and 8-bit Cinema, be sure to check […]

Armed with Controllers plays: Altered Beast

by Craig Reynoldson May 31, 2013
It’s the final day of the working week, which means it’s time for our Armed with Controllers Friday feature!

Armed with Controllers plays: World of Illusion

by Craig Reynoldson May 17, 2013
Ready for another 15 minutes of merriment, confusion and whimsical one-liners from the Armed with Controllers crew?

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Rumour: Retros Wii U Title Revealed? “Starfox – Metroid: Fusion Saga”

by Andy Whitefieldon May 19, 2012
Following this week’s “Acid Ghost” rumour, and now this, its clear we’re in pre-E3 insanity-mode…